The Wheel of Time


To tell the truth, I have a ton of books in my collection. In fact, I have too many to even begin counting. Ranging from sci-fi to fantasy all the way to nonfictional books like astronomy and weather, pretty much every book has been read and enjoyed by me, and it is not difficult to please me with a book.

However, in all my knowledge of books, I have never once heard of this series called The Wheel of Time until a friend began to speak of it and highly recommended it. Research proved it was popular in the fantasy novel world, and it seemed as if people thoroughly enjoyed the series, which consists of fourteen books and still counting today. So, without much hesitation, I rushed to the library and picked up the first book, Eye of the World, last summer.

As sorry as I am to say, my reading had declined much that summer. Once in a while, I would pick up a book and read, but my newfound discovery of Pinterest was taking over my skills in reading. I really picked up on this book, though, after a library contest for the summer reading program.


The story begins with a young boy named Rand and his two best friends, Mat and Perrin. The three live in the small village where pretty much nothing happens, that is, until an Aes Sedai by the name of Moraine and her warder, Lan, enter. She comes with a warning- Rand, Perrin, and Mat are being hunted. Running away with Rand’s girlfriend, Egwene, and the merchant, Thom, they all discover their future is more than what they thought, and the three boys learn something about themselves that could help or hurt their world.

I began this story with enthusiasm, even though the book was twice the size of my head in thickness and the words were small in print. The story is well-done, created with vivid worlds and characters, and the art on the covers is fantastic!

My favorite characters are Mat Cauthon and Min Farshaw, but there are other characters I thoroughly enjoy as well, such as Perrin and Nynaeve, the Wisdom. There are a few characters that really grate on my nerves, but that can be with any story. Each character is designed with their own personality, which is very entertaining.

Because of the size of the book and length of the words, I doubt this would be as entertaining to children as to teens and adults. The book is mostly made for older people, but the comics created are excellent for any young person wanting to learn more about the series. The Wheel of Time has many books out there, whether reference or side stories, which I find amazing because I love the extra books from a series.

That’s all for today’s review! Thanks for reading and have a great week!




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