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Inspirational Poetry

The other day, I sent in a poem I made for a nationwide poetry contest, and one of the things that got me thinking is,”What inspires me to write poetry?” Inspiration is one of the main processes of poetry, so I decided to along the topics of what inspires us to create poetry and stories. Here are some inspirational poems I found:


This is amazing to me! This poem expresses the one feeling we have all throughout our life: pain. The fact that we experience pain every day and still have the ability to function is incredible. It’s not that we’re broken,  it’s the fact we can still go on in our lives!


I see a lot of Victor Hugo poems on Pinterest, but this one really caught my eye. The darkest moments in our life do not last forever; brighter days are ahead of us and we can look forward to a bright future.

Sometimes my inspiration does not come from others’ poetry at all: It comes from quotes. I can expand on what I feel with just a simple concept of a few words molded into something I have experienced.


This is very true. You can’t give up everything in your life to make others happy. They have to give to you as well. It goes both ways, and is never one-sided.


This evokes thought in me, and for a minute, I had to sit back and ponder over this. We don’t really know people, we just know what we remember, and that seems pretty deep.

Some of my poetry comes from the inspiration of music even. I listen to music every day. It helps me think and relax as well as bringing ideas to my head for my books and poetry.



This quote is from the song “I Don’t Care” by Fall Out Boy, one of my favorite bands. The optimistic view of “the best of us find happiness in misery” is so very true. If we’re down just because something bad happened to us that day, then we’re tearing ourselves down. It only hurts us.



Selena Gomez has created one of my favorite songs called “The Heart Wants What It Wants.” The song is so true in many aspects, and in other ways, it is not. A sort of a paradox, if you ask me.


This quote right here inspired me to create a series I am working on at the moment. From Imagine Dragons, tilted “Battle Cry”, this song is about a battle going on, and the emotions during it. Emotion is important in poetry, as it expresses some feelings buried inside us that we hide from the world.

So those are just a few quotes, songs, and poems that inspire me. There are many other inspirations I get, some from my own experiences, some from what I see in people, and some I have watched throughout the years I have lived.

Have a great week, everyone!

Doctor Who


What’s that one show that you here about all the time, has a very blue telephone box, and a man you think is his name in the title? If you guessed Doctor Who, then you are right!

So what is this show called Doctor Who about? You hear about everywhere indeed, whether by word-of-mouth or the internet (Tumblr loves to talk about Doctor Who.) and you wonder,”What’s really so great about this show after all?” Well, today I’ll be explaining why this show is truly a work of art in the science fiction world. (Or even beyond.)

The show is about a man who calls himself ‘The Doctor’, and he travels in a phone box called the TARDIS (Abbreviation for Time and Relative Dimension In Space. See why it’s abbreviated?) This traveling phone box is not what it appears to be, though, nor is the man what he appears to look like. In reality, the TARDIS is a time machine and the Doctor is actually an alien from the lost planet Gallifrey. Along the way, during his travels, he picks up some interesting and curious companions, who, in the end, soothe his loneliness.

Surprisingly, this show is not new. Doctor Who has been aired since 1963, which means the actors keep changing in this show.  Steven Moffat, the man behind Sherlock (beside Mark Gatiss) and a number of other shows, picked up this show and began airing more episodes featuring the Ninth Doctor (Acted by Christopher Eccleston.), the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant.), the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith), and the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi). Each Doctor regenerates, so it makes it easy to keep the show going.


I will admit, I was hesitant to start watching this show. The internet had been raging about this, and I wondered myself,”Why is this show so good that people need to rant and rave over it?” One night, my family and I decided to start the first episode featuring Nine, and I was fascinated with it from then on, eventually getting even my sibling into it.

One of my favorite Doctors…..well, that’s a hard one. Today I started the first episode with Eleven, and I think he’s my favorite so far, but Ten is pretty cool too. Each season is different in Doctor Who, and you never know who is going to die, so after a while you kind of just expect something is going to happen. Which is why it is dangerous to get emotionally attached to characters!

So that’s my review on the fan-favorite Doctor Who. This show is a thumbs up, and take it from a person who was hesitant to start the show, it really deserves a watch. I am admittedly a Whovian, after all!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!





True and faithful leadership seems like it’s such a rare thing today. Leaders today may seem greedy, cruel, and arrogant, and that tends to make us think of the word ‘leader’ as someone who leads followers. So what is true leadership then?

For starters, a true leader is not someone who is only looking for a way to benefit themself, but rather he looks for ways for those he is leading to get something. A leader puts himself before others, and his needs are cast aside so he can help others that need help more. Greediness in someone who is the leader is not a leader at all; it is only someone looking for a way to manipulate others to give him what he wants.

In a world of leaders, we must decide what we believe versus what they believe, but we must always respect our leaders. Someone who is leading may say something we do agree with, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and we must respect that. Besides, leaders are people too.


What is a true leader’s objective? We know what we don’t want a leader’s objective to be, so what do they strive for? Leadership is not about being put ‘higher’ than those around us. A leader puts others’ needs before his own, as was stated before, but he also looks for ways to make a person successful. He wants the person he is leading to be their very best.

A leader will learn from his mistakes. Life is all about learning all we can to better ourselves so that we can be the best we can out in the world. Here is a famous quote I find very true:

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to eachother.” – John F. Kennedy


Leadership  is not cowardice either. It is important to listen to other people’s opinions, but in the end, a leader must make a decision based upon his beliefs and morals, and even if that means he stands alone in what believes, he will still stand up for what he knows, believes in, and hopes for. And this makes a leader truly respected.


So to sum up all that was said, here are some points:

What a leader is not:




-Unwilling to listen to his followers


What a leader is:


-Loyal to his people

-Builds others up

-Listens to advice and his people’s opinions


Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!


Howl’s Moving Castle



Happy Friday, everyone!

Today’s post is over the Disney anime movie, Howl’s Moving Castle, the epic and compelling story of a girl and a strange curse cast upon her. This movie has to be one of my favorites of all time.

Sophie Hatter is a hat-maker who thinks of herself as rather plain and boring, and very unappealing to those around her, at least, that’s what was thought, until the nasty Witch of the Waste curses her and makes her into an old lady. Frantic and at a loss of what to do, Sophie runs away from home and begins her journey to who-knows-where. She is suddenly face to face with the giant moving castle belonging to Howl, a wizard who people claim to eat pretty girls’ hearts. However, following the lead of a scare crow she saved, she makes her way inside and is repulsed with the inside of the moving castle, which is filthy. Throughout the adventure, Sophie meets a talking fire named Calcifer, Howl’s apprentice, Markl, and Howl himself, who is……rather of a drama queen and a bit eccentric in his own way, but Sophie must find a way for them to help her return back to her normal appearance.

Studio Ghibli, a part of Disney created by Miyazaki, has a very unique style in their movies, and it reaches a point between fantasy and science fiction with a touch of Alice In Wonderland type themes. After watching Howl’s Moving Castle, I started watching Kiki’s Delivery Service and Spirited Away, as well as reading Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Each of these works are very appealing and wonderful to watch and read, but I am somehow drawn to the story of Howl’s Moving Castle the most. The music in this movie is very beautiful, the scenery is outstanding (the best I have seen in any anime yet.) and the characters are very pleasant and well-drawn.

I’d have to say out of the characters, I really like the concepts of Calcifer and Howl the most. Calcifer is snarky and sarcastic and is wonderfully characterized with Billy Crystal’s voice acting, and Howl, voiced by Christian Bale, is a soft-spoken yet easily liked character.

This movie is very clean and there is no innuendo, so that makes this movie also very pleasant to watch with any age.

There is also a book created by Diana Wynne Jones, and it is actually a book the movie was inspired off of. Though not all of the plotline matches up with eachother, the characters are still very close to what is in the movie. I have no idea why it is not referred to as a classic like Pride and Prejudice or North and South is today but it is indeed a classic and worthy of reading and watching!


What Is Poetry?


Poetry is basically like painting a picture, only with words. Some create poetry out of their experiences, some create poetry out of ideas, or even some people create poetry based on what they see, but poetry comes from the person’s heart and mind.

One of the things I love about poetry is that feelings and opinions can be expressed through detailed words. Poetry does not have to rhyme, as some people think. Here’s a look at what the dictionary defines poetry as:

“Literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm; poems collectively or as a genre of literature.”

If you didn’t understand what they meant, basically the definition says that poetry gives a sense of style and rhythm (not a rhyme, just a certain style.) and makes a person feel some way. And  feelings are indeed expressed through just a few simple words. That is the amazing part about it! Just a few words and something creative is made!


But why is poetry so appealing to people these days? There aren’t a whole lot of ways to express feelings on paper. Paintings express a visual concept of what the person feels through detailed designs and colors, and writing gives us a sense of morals as we write about a certain character’s idea of something. (For example, Sara feels like society is superficial because they only look at outer appearances. This happened shortly after a student pointed out that her outfit was not as modern as it should be.) Writing is a way of telling our readers indirectly what we feel about a topic. This is not always the case, but I find the characters I create have thought processes and feelings similar to what I think.

Poetry, however, gives us a visual using words that depicts an idea the poet or author thinks of as right or wrong. For example, here is a bit of Longfellow’s work that depicts feeling:



Here Longfellow expresses the fact that it is humankind’s nature to assume arrogance when a person comes across as silent, when in reality this person is secretly carrying a burden that may force him to become that way. Poetry represents the feelings we see others go through or what we feel ourselves during a time in our life. And one of the best parts of this is that we can relate to themes of poetry, and this here is why I find this certain form of writing so appealing myself.

Have a great week!


BBC Sherlock


So today I’ll be reviewing on of the most trending shows right now in the TV world. BBC’s Sherlock is one of the most famous shows besides Supernatural and Doctor Who, which is why many fans today call the mashup of shows ‘Superwholock.’ As a Wholock myself, both shows are very appealing, but right now I am really drawn towards the premise of Sherlock.

The series begins with John Watson, a war-torn veteran from Afghanistan, and Sherlock Holmes, a brilliant consulting detective, meeting up in the laboratory of the police department.  Curious about Sherlock, John does a little bit of research on him and soon he finds himself being pulled into the detective’s crazy theories, unsettling crime-solving, and they eventually face off with some of the world’s most horrifying criminals.

There are currently three seasons of Sherlock right now, although I have heard a fourth season will be released in 2016. There are three episodes in each season, and the shows range over an hour, which is a long time for some shows, but trust me, this show needs all the time they can get.

My favorite character in the show is John Watson. Throughout the shows, we see his unwavering loyalty to Sherlock and his willingness to stand by his best friend’s side no matter what danger he might be put in. To me, this is very inspirational, and it easily makes him my favorite.

Out of all the seasons, there were only two episodes I had to skip, which is quite good for a show, I dare say! There were a few swear words in the show, but overall, it managed to stay pretty clean minus the episodes in which I skipped.

That’s my review on BBC’s Sherlock. Fans, stayed tuned for the next season coming out in 2016! We’ll be waiting to see what this show has in store for us!




The Hobbit movies


Hi everyone! This is my first blog post, and I am so glad to have finally set everything up! As I stated in the ‘About This Blog’ section, I will do some poetry and writing tips, some poets’ works, anime reviews, and movie reviews. And what better way to start this blog than with one of my favorite movies; The Hobbit! The movies star Orlando Bloom as Legolas, Ian McKellen as Gandalf, and Evangeline Lilly as Tauriel, the same characters in LOTR. But The Hobbit movies also possess new characters, such as Aiden Turner as Kili, Dean O’Gorman as Fili, Richard Armitage as the dwarf king Thorin, and Martin Freeman as Bilbo. Yep, the same character who played John Watson. And we all know that with Martin Freeman acting, this is going to be a good show.

The story is set in the Shire, the place where the Hobbits live. Gandalf journeys to the non-adventurous place and pays a visit to the seemingly introverted Bilbo Baggins. He asks Bilbo if he wants an adventure, and Bilbo firmly replies,”No!” Gandalf does not give up that easily, though, and soon Bilbo finds himself face to face with thirteen hungry dwarves who basically devour all of his food (that’s just rude!). They then beg-I mean persuade- Bilbo to come with them. The adventures in all three movies are rough, dangerous, yet thrilling, and you’re going to want to have tissues with you at the last movie. I mean it! I seriously thought everyone was nuts when they said they were crying their brains out at the last movie. Surely enough though, I almost did. So heed my warning and get those tissues!

Now for some of my opinions. With the elves in the second and third movies……let’s just say the movies do not follow the books exactly, and if you’re like me, it bothers you that it’s not what you thought it was. Reading the book before the movies ever came out was what I would call a blessing. Anyway, back to the elves. The whole concept of the elves really bothered me. They were never in the book, so if they’re in the movie, it’s possible the remaining movies’ plots would be screwed up! I have to honestly say……..after watching the movies, that was not my case. And let me tell you why here.


That’s right. The elf king who is the father of Legolas. Nobody can beat this elf’s sass and majesty in this movie. Except for Thorin, I guess (majestic hair flips, y’all!). That was the reason I didn’t freak out.

The major disappointment for these movies though was the Tauriel X Kili pairing. This unneeded relationship threw me over the edge to some degree, but other than that, the movies were fantastic. The scenes were gorgeous, the music was amazing, the beloved characters taught so many lessons, and the whole outcome of the movies were fantastic. So if you haven’t seen the Hobbit movies, go buy them! You won’t regret it!