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BBC Sherlock


So today I’ll be reviewing on of the most trending shows right now in the TV world. BBC’s Sherlock is one of the most famous shows besides Supernatural and Doctor Who, which is why many fans today call the mashup of shows ‘Superwholock.’ As a Wholock myself, both shows are very appealing, but right now I am really drawn towards the premise of Sherlock.

The series begins with John Watson, a war-torn veteran from Afghanistan, and Sherlock Holmes, a brilliant consulting detective, meeting up in the laboratory of the police department.  Curious about Sherlock, John does a little bit of research on him and soon he finds himself being pulled into the detective’s crazy theories, unsettling crime-solving, and they eventually face off with some of the world’s most horrifying criminals.

There are currently three seasons of Sherlock right now, although I have heard a fourth season will be released in 2016. There are three episodes in each season, and the shows range over an hour, which is a long time for some shows, but trust me, this show needs all the time they can get.

My favorite character in the show is John Watson. Throughout the shows, we see his unwavering loyalty to Sherlock and his willingness to stand by his best friend’s side no matter what danger he might be put in. To me, this is very inspirational, and it easily makes him my favorite.

Out of all the seasons, there were only two episodes I had to skip, which is quite good for a show, I dare say! There were a few swear words in the show, but overall, it managed to stay pretty clean minus the episodes in which I skipped.

That’s my review on BBC’s Sherlock. Fans, stayed tuned for the next season coming out in 2016! We’ll be waiting to see what this show has in store for us!




The Hobbit movies


Hi everyone! This is my first blog post, and I am so glad to have finally set everything up! As I stated in the ‘About This Blog’ section, I will do some poetry and writing tips, some poets’ works, anime reviews, and movie reviews. And what better way to start this blog than with one of my favorite movies; The Hobbit! The movies star Orlando Bloom as Legolas, Ian McKellen as Gandalf, and Evangeline Lilly as Tauriel, the same characters in LOTR. But The Hobbit movies also possess new characters, such as Aiden Turner as Kili, Dean O’Gorman as Fili, Richard Armitage as the dwarf king Thorin, and Martin Freeman as Bilbo. Yep, the same character who played John Watson. And we all know that with Martin Freeman acting, this is going to be a good show.

The story is set in the Shire, the place where the Hobbits live. Gandalf journeys to the non-adventurous place and pays a visit to the seemingly introverted Bilbo Baggins. He asks Bilbo if he wants an adventure, and Bilbo firmly replies,”No!” Gandalf does not give up that easily, though, and soon Bilbo finds himself face to face with thirteen hungry dwarves who basically devour all of his food (that’s just rude!). They then beg-I mean persuade- Bilbo to come with them. The adventures in all three movies are rough, dangerous, yet thrilling, and you’re going to want to have tissues with you at the last movie. I mean it! I seriously thought everyone was nuts when they said they were crying their brains out at the last movie. Surely enough though, I almost did. So heed my warning and get those tissues!

Now for some of my opinions. With the elves in the second and third movies……let’s just say the movies do not follow the books exactly, and if you’re like me, it bothers you that it’s not what you thought it was. Reading the book before the movies ever came out was what I would call a blessing. Anyway, back to the elves. The whole concept of the elves really bothered me. They were never in the book, so if they’re in the movie, it’s possible the remaining movies’ plots would be screwed up! I have to honestly say……..after watching the movies, that was not my case. And let me tell you why here.


That’s right. The elf king who is the father of Legolas. Nobody can beat this elf’s sass and majesty in this movie. Except for Thorin, I guess (majestic hair flips, y’all!). That was the reason I didn’t freak out.

The major disappointment for these movies though was the Tauriel X Kili pairing. This unneeded relationship threw me over the edge to some degree, but other than that, the movies were fantastic. The scenes were gorgeous, the music was amazing, the beloved characters taught so many lessons, and the whole outcome of the movies were fantastic. So if you haven’t seen the Hobbit movies, go buy them! You won’t regret it!