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Vampire Knight


There are a ton of shows about vampires anymore.

I mean, like seriously, you turn around, and wow! there’s a vampire show. Vampires are all over the TV, vampires are in movies, vampires are taking over the whole world, the whole universe!

Okay, it’s not that dramatic, but there are too many vampire shows out there to count. That was partially why I thought the anime show Vampire Knight was some seemingly dark, depressing, and cliche show, the typical type. But one day, I was sick in bed, and it seemed like it might be good entertainment, so I thought,”Meh, why not?”

Turns out, it wasn’t as dark as it seemed. The story is about a private school with a secret; some of the students are vampires trying to make peace with the humans, but should anyone find out, they could get in trouble. Yuki Cross is a part of keeping this is a secret, alongside her partner and friend, Zero Kiryuu, a quiet and somewhat cross character who is also a vampire, though he does not want to tell anyone at all.

The story had quite a few twists that I won’t get into, but the show is actually pretty good. I collect some of the manga books from the author even. And it’s actually a clean show! There are hardly any swear words, and though there is a touch of innuendo, it is not all that bad, which gains them a big thumbs up from me. However, some scenes may be too dark for a young child, and there is the typical vampire behavior in it.

afce789748387a01d42e7559821aa6bcMy favorite characters are somewhat odd for a normal show. Zero Kiryuu is one of my favorites as well as Aidou Hanabusa, a mischievous side character. Each character plays a different role in the show, from being the Pureblood vampire down to the puniest Level E. As usual with me, I enjoy  characters like Aidou because he seemed happy educated in the fields of science (in other cases…not so much.) and Zero has side to him that not many of the characters got to see- a scared, torn apart boy. Complex characters like that are interesting, I think.

Although it’s not quite one of the more famous animes, it is still well-known and enjoyed by many, and it’s understood why. The anime is adventurous, romantic, and since this is a pretty clean anime with a cool plotline, I give this a thumbs up all the way!

That’s all for my first anime review! Toodle-oo!


Magic: Considered Pure or Evil?


One of the most debatable topics for books and movies today is the use (or abuse) of magic in our society. Really, it’s become just a normal thing for us to see, but parents are raising the question everywhere,”Is it okay if I let my child watch a show with magic in it?”

No, I’m not talking about magical princesses and unicorns. That’s a different sort of magic (which I’ll explain here in a minute.) and frankly, I see nothing wrong with that, but what’s with wizardry and witches today? Shows like Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and Harry Potter as well as other numerous books and movies exhibit the use of magic, but is society just trying to make us conform to magic as some type of religious works? Are we being sucked into a world where magic is used for evil?

Well, that depends on how it’s used, I think. Wizardry in the olden days was almost considered a religion, and people built cults around this type of stuff. Violence was typical of them, and frankly, pretty much everything about it was just plain evil, from the devil himself, I’m afraid. Are we any different from that today? To some degree, we are not.

Consider the great writers C.S. Lewis and Tolkien, the creators of Narnia and Middle Earth. Both were devout Christians, and both were writers. If you have ever read their books, you already know magic is used in them. Gandalf is a wizard, and in Narnia, all the animals have an ability to talk. This is not evil. This is a different sort of magic. Not like the crap that happened long ago. This is used for innocent purposes to display a truth or fact to the reader, and is therefore, in no way, as harmful as some would like to think.


However, there are multiple levels where I struggle with  series like Harry Potter, though. For many years, I have gone back and forth, trying to decide whether or not this would be considered an evil use of magic. I have never read the books, but I have done extensive research on them. I wasn’t looking for the bias,”It’s so good. Why would anyone hesitate to read it?” types. Sorry, I do not like that attitude. I am searching for other people who look at this from a Christian standpoint. I want their opinions based on what the Bible alone says.

So what’s my answer to whether magic is good or bad? It depends on the type of book and the author. Magic today is still used in an evil form, and it’s also used for good, so my answer would be both a yes and a no. I write about some magic in my books, but there is a clear understanding that I have that too much goes too far. Be careful what you watch or read, because it can corrupt even the most innocent of minds.


This Week’s Inspiration


Recently, I did a blog post on a few quotes, songs, and poems that inspired me in my writing. I find that reading these kind of things really motivates me and it spurs new ideas for my books and poetry as well as providing truth and facts about life today. Poetry is one of my passions, so whenever I discover something new that I enjoy, I tend to research more about it.

For this week, I found many poems that inspired me greatly. I pin quite a few poems and such to my Quotes and Lyrics board on Pinterest, so I will have to choose just a few that I really enjoyed. That may be a tough one.


I have never heard of this word until the other day when I saw it on Pinterest. I think it has so much positive meaning. It’s a belief that humans can get better, they can improve everything around them including themselves. I think it’s beautiful that a word like this, even if is just a word, can mean so much in just a few simple English letters.


This sentence right here says it all. Noone knows the weight they have been carrying until it is taken off, and then their eyes are opened and they see things in a whole new light. I find this quote extremely powerful because I can relate to it somewhat. I have never thought of that in words until I read this quote from The Scarlet Letter.


This is a quote from the poem ‘Mad Girl’s Love Song’ by Sylvia Plath. The poem talks about how the world disappeared in the blink of an eye, and how the writer forgot the name of the person who was suppose to come back for them.  The emotions and feelings put on display are dramatic and yet at the same time romantic.


This is another Sylvia Plath poem I found. I was looking up different Plath poetry on Pinterest when I ran into this, and it just struck me. It almost deserves its own story.


I really like the subtle meaning in this quote. People always draw different parts of us out, which is why we must be careful of the company we keep. Different kinds of people remake us into new people continually.


I really love the detailing in this. The idea of using slightly personification is really amazing in the idea of making the girl’s heart the storm. I really enjoy storms, anyway.

And that is this week’s inspiration. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!

Writing From a Villain’s POV


So this week I was working on this blog post when my fingers decided to freak out and push the exact wrong buttons, therefore deleting everything I had written before. Very encouraging……..but, anyway, I just got done reading a very good post about villains versus antagonists and figured this would probably be a good time anyway to redo what I had originally after reading it.

So, first comes first, let’s look at today’s villains. Evil characters make up a story, and it doesn’t matter what kind of story you are writing; there will always be a villain. Characters like Loki from both Thor movies, Darth Vader from the well-known sci-fi adventure, Star Wars, and Maleficent from the new Disney movie all possess one thing intended to interact with people watching. Sympathy.

It seems authors and story writers are taking on the idea of making a sympathetic villain to create a new set of fans. Marvel has even created villains with backstories, such as what we have seen continually with Loki, Bucky, and numerous other characters. It sets the story to take another route.

But what exactly are antagonists versus true villains? After reading the post ‘The Difference Between Villains and Antagonists’, I realized that, as writers, we fail to recognize the difference. Antagonists are those who are made to be against the protagonist but not so much evil, where as the villain is the character in the story with obvious evil intentions and plans against the hero. He thinks his ideas are justified even if they might be wrong because of what he has encountered. The actor of Loki, Tom Hiddleston, worded it perfectly when he said,”A villain is a hero in his own mind.” Yes, somehow in that warped and demented mind, he thinks of himself as the hero trying to make everything better, even with selfish ambition, and the hero as the obstacle in his way, and, if you will, the villain.


The sympathetic villains, though, can be just the same way, but events in the past formed their motives and created a character who is grieving on the inside and snarling on the outside. A sad and lonely monster who is trying to find his own place in the world, who, even if they are only thinking of themselves, still hopes for something better. However, writers and readers alike must remember that this is not an excuse for their actions. All actions have consequences not matter if we think we are justified or not.

Villains are rarely talked about even though they are portrayed in so many movies today as the subtle ‘hero’. Everyone seems to focus on the hero, and when they get to writing the villain, it may not come naturally. I find that some think of almost every type of villain as the INTJ personality type, those who are logical in their thinking but seem rather evil on the outside. Though INTJ does seem to work in some cases, it is not for all villains.

I find writing villains fairly easy, but it does not come naturally all the time. There is always that idea I wish to grasp, but sometimes I never get to it. That is when I do research on the topic, or I may stop and think for a little bit. My book may not even be touched for days!

And that is my blog post for Friday! I may have had it come out sooner but I deleted everything (stupidly) and had to make a second draft and post. I’ll be rolling my eyes over the weekend about this.

Have a lovely Friday!


The Myer-Briggs Debate


The Myer-Briggs concept is not new. In fact, it was built in 1943 by a mother and a daughter, two people who wanted to learn more about how the brain works in people and why they are different with each personality. They began creating the Type Indicator, a simple way to find out about the self’s personality once they have answered a few questions about what they prefer in situations and if they are logical or creative, orderly or disorderly, and sensitive or hard.

Many think this is similar to the horoscope idea. It’s not, and there is proof of it. However, Myer-Briggs does not define us; it is simply a way to help people understand themselves and others as well. Each person’s brain works differently, and that makes us all unique.

There are sixteen different types, all narrowed down into separate groups. Each person is introverted  or extroverted (and some are even ambiverted, which is just a fancy way of saying they are both social and non-social), intuitive or sensory, thinking or feeling, and judging or perceiving. Here are the groups for each:

(I) Introverts-Most people instantly assume negative of a person called an introvert. They may think of a person who hates people and going outside and prefer to sit indoors and read reference books. While this is true for some people, this is not the definition of an introvert. When someone is called introverted, it means they do enjoy the indoors, but they are rather shy individuals and enjoy thinking inside their minds. When in a group with close friends, they can rather talkative

(E) Extroverted- Extroverts love socializing very much. They gather their energy from hanging around others, and they love to speak their minds (not always in a bad way.) to surrounding people. Their thinking is displayed on the outside and feelings are their hearts are on their sleeves, quite the opposite of the quiet introvert.


The next section is those of intuitive or sensory natures.

(N) Intuitive- Perception of a fact or truth is easy for people of intuitive preferences. They have keen insight on a topic or a person and will thus pull an observation from them. Though this insight may not always be true, observing the nature of something or someone will help an intuitive person receive an opinion. This is their strong point.

(S) Sensors- Actual feelings that can be touched or seen are the sensors’ strong point. Practical usage of facts help them determine what they are looking at, but rather than preferring an observation that can not be seen, such as the intuitive person likes to use, sensors need the actual proof of something before making a final opinion.


Next are the thinkers and feelers.

(T) Thinkers- Much like Sherlock, the thinkers do not like to use their heart. They see such think as illogical, because the heart desires only what it feels like having. Thinkers, therefore, rely more on their brain, using complex patterns and calculations to get them through. Situations involving people may make them guard their personal feelings and they may become quiet. Truth is the best way in all situations to them.

(F) Feelers- Feelers value feelings about people and things. They may be sensitive to situations and may “feel” different personalities and behavior. This is a great asset to them, as it tells them who should be avoided and who needs help. Feelers may be sensitive, but not necessarily in a bad way. They use their heart instead of their head and tact instead of harshness in truth is the best way to them.


Lastly, the judgers and perceivers.

(J) Judging-This does not mean they judge people. Judgers are calculative in situations that may lead to one path or another. Order very important to them, and anything that is not in the right place will drive them mad. Order may include writing lists, making mental note, work comes first before any play, and they arrive early to events.

(P) Perceivers- Spontaneous lives are led by perceivers. They believe life should be fun, and order can wait for later.  Openness and bursts of energy characterize perceivers. Keeping all options open instead of making a decision right then and there is the best way for them. Loose and casual ways are the type of life perceivers want to have.


There are in-betweens with all of these types, which is why I say this does not characterize and conform anyone. This was just a simple test for two women who wanted to learn more about the way people think, and they shared it with the world, providing a more accurate understanding of others.

If you are interested in finding out what your own type is, you can take the test here:


All these quizzes give good insight on the topic and provide knowledge on what type you might be. I have taken all of them, and they are pretty consistent with eachother, which I find important when taking a personality or enneagram test.

Well, that’s my post on the Myer-Briggs type! Have wonderful weekend!





Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


When Marvel first announced they were going to do a show about Agent Coulson, I was a bit shocked. Where we had last left off in the Avengers, Loki had killed Coulson and surprised all of us. At that time, noone really knew much of Coulson other than the fact he was leader of S.H.I.E.D. and a huge fan of Captain America.

I missed the first two or three episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but one night, my sibling and I sat down together and watched an episode. We were instantly hooked, and I soon grew to enjoy the show.


The show is about a group of agents hired to save parts of the world from a growing threat known as the clairvoyant (and I spent the whole first season wondering what the heck a clairvoyant was.), who is trying to seek out ways to destroy S.H.I.E.L.D. Coulson and his group manage to discover something else, though;the serum injected into Coulson and Skye to bring them back from their death is alien technology, therefore making it so that the agents have no clue what this serum will do to their two friends. Along with this, they discover that HYDRA, the enemy of Captain America, is back and ready to annihilate S.H.I.E.L.D and everything to do with them.

Later on, in season 2, Skye is faced with unearthly problems, such as a growing energy inside her and threatening to come out. When Coulson and the team find out, they are forced to separate her from the rest of the team, thus stressing her out. Skye discovers there is a place built just for people like her, and when she is released, she lives there, soon finding out her mother was the person mentoring her. Not only that, but she is evil and looking for a way to destroy everything S.H.I.E.L.D.

Season 2 was not half as good as Season 1, but there are interesting concepts in Season 2 and it ended fairly well. I am not sure if I like the idea of making seemingly normal agents into these super powerful human beings. It makes things too odd, and it almost comes across as if the producers of the show ran out of ideas at the last minute, but at least they are keeping the characters alive. For now.


My favorite characters are without a doubt Fitz and Simmons. When I started the show, I thought they were siblings, but as the season progressed, I quickly realized this was not true. They have a sibling-like relationship but they certainly do not act like it at times. I like scientist-like characters and I definitely think these two make it on the list. Fitz is very caring and kind and Simmons is smart and alert, and that makes them a really good team, I think. Hopefully Simmons lives, because what was shown at the end of the season’s episode was horrifying.

Like I said, Season 2 is a bit of a downer because of the path they took, but overall, it’s a fairly decent show. There are a few swear words and one part I had to skip, but other than that, it’s pretty clean.  And the good news is that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. just got renewed this month, so maybe their act will clean up a bit in the next season

Just a bit of advice for those interested in starting the show: You must remember this is set between Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. There are many references to these two movies, and characters from each are mentioned and put into the show (and there’s someone guest starred in both seasons.) so this is a huge plus for me.  HYDRA is from both Captain America movies, so if you haven’t seen those movies, go watch it or else you will be very confused. Very. Confused.

The show is a sideways thumb for me. I think the majority of the plot can be turned right side up again if something happens, but for now, I’m just going to say,”Meh, it’s okay.”

Thanks for reading!



The Wheel of Time


To tell the truth, I have a ton of books in my collection. In fact, I have too many to even begin counting. Ranging from sci-fi to fantasy all the way to nonfictional books like astronomy and weather, pretty much every book has been read and enjoyed by me, and it is not difficult to please me with a book.

However, in all my knowledge of books, I have never once heard of this series called The Wheel of Time until a friend began to speak of it and highly recommended it. Research proved it was popular in the fantasy novel world, and it seemed as if people thoroughly enjoyed the series, which consists of fourteen books and still counting today. So, without much hesitation, I rushed to the library and picked up the first book, Eye of the World, last summer.

As sorry as I am to say, my reading had declined much that summer. Once in a while, I would pick up a book and read, but my newfound discovery of Pinterest was taking over my skills in reading. I really picked up on this book, though, after a library contest for the summer reading program.


The story begins with a young boy named Rand and his two best friends, Mat and Perrin. The three live in the small village where pretty much nothing happens, that is, until an Aes Sedai by the name of Moraine and her warder, Lan, enter. She comes with a warning- Rand, Perrin, and Mat are being hunted. Running away with Rand’s girlfriend, Egwene, and the merchant, Thom, they all discover their future is more than what they thought, and the three boys learn something about themselves that could help or hurt their world.

I began this story with enthusiasm, even though the book was twice the size of my head in thickness and the words were small in print. The story is well-done, created with vivid worlds and characters, and the art on the covers is fantastic!

My favorite characters are Mat Cauthon and Min Farshaw, but there are other characters I thoroughly enjoy as well, such as Perrin and Nynaeve, the Wisdom. There are a few characters that really grate on my nerves, but that can be with any story. Each character is designed with their own personality, which is very entertaining.

Because of the size of the book and length of the words, I doubt this would be as entertaining to children as to teens and adults. The book is mostly made for older people, but the comics created are excellent for any young person wanting to learn more about the series. The Wheel of Time has many books out there, whether reference or side stories, which I find amazing because I love the extra books from a series.

That’s all for today’s review! Thanks for reading and have a great week!




Character Developments


Even though it is a bit early to post, I wanted to go ahead and blog on a topic I find very important when I read and write. Sometimes it may seem so minor because the plot is so dramatic, but I feel like this is the most important part of any writing ever.
First of all, let’s narrow down what character development is. A character is represented by use of traits, personality, and philosophy, which is why they are called ‘characters.’ Many characters, such as Aslan in C.S. Lewis’ Narnia and the One Ring in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, represent undeniable characteristics and meanings. Not all characters posses an underlying theme, but sometimes they can be found.
Character development, however, not only uses the concept of qualities, but it goes from the bottom up or vice versa. A character who seems aloof and weak in the beginning may end up becoming the most brave person in the story ( Such as Rory Williams from Doctor Who.) or perhaps a character might be relatively good but quickly turns evil because of a change of their own philosophy. Ideas and philosophy are ideal in characters because they have to be individuals, like humans.


A character sheet like this is what I often use before the development of the book. Of course, everyone has their own style. My processes usually include making a character on the sheet first, getting a grasp of what kind of person my character is, and them I dive into the plot. The plots and characters will often mesh once you get to a certain point of a book.
Characters that are too perfect are called Mary Sues. Keep careful watch of these folks; oftentimes, they will lead your book down the path of doom that could turn into a place of no hope if not noticed soon enough. It us possible to correct this, but it must be done to a point of where the story makes sense
And that, my friend, is the basics of character developments. Not all stories are made the same, and each forms our character.
Have a wonderful week!

More About the Blog!


Today I am going to be doing something a little different and fun (at least for me.) and I’m going to introduce a little bit more about my blog! So, for anyone out there curious about it, here you go! May your curiosity be quenched.
The idea here came up after reading one of my friend’s blogs. Melody is a wonderful friend of mine and is skilled in her knowledge and experience in writing (who knows how many times we have discussed possible story plot lines and countless other writing tips.) so make sure you check her out here: You won’t regret it!
Okay, here it goes!

1. Why did you start blogging?

Well, oftentimes I found myself in the mood to share reviews and opinions as well as facts about many different topics, and when I found out a few friends were doing a blog and having a great time doing it, I said to myself,”Why not try it out for yourself?” It is a great hobby to do, too, if you are bored.

2.What is the story behind my blog’s name?

I discussed this a little bit in the ‘About My Blog’ page here, but I’ll go into a bit more detail. The name originated from what I do and what I am called. The ‘deducing’ part is just a typical day-to-day thing I find myself doing, and I liked how it sounded, so I thought it would be a wonderful adjective in my name. The ‘dove’ part is a bit of a joke my parents like to tease me about. I am able to do mourning dove calls, and my family found it rather fascinating, so they dubbed me ‘mourning dove.’

3. How many designs have you been through since you started blogging?

Currently, only this one, but I may change in the future. This was just a simple, out-lined way for me to work my blog. At the start of my blog, I was getting numerous compliments, and I just kept with the design.

4. Have you ever switched blog platforms? What made you move? If you haven’t ever changed, why?

Hm, well, that’s a bit of a tough one there. My blog does not stick to a certain topic, as I like to have a good amount of topics to write on, however, I did originally want to write on just movie reviews, but I realized how disastrous that would be. I wanted to write on my blog frequently, not just when I had finished watching a movie, so I decided to write on a few of my other hobbies: Poetry and writing as well as anime and TV.

5.How long does it take for you to write a post? What is your postly process like?

Mighty interesting question there, if I may say so! Writing a post takes a while for me, as I like to use vivid words and clear explanations in my writings, so it usually takes me about forty-five minutes. The postly process usually consists of finding a few interesting pictures or videos to put on the post to interest the reader and the rest is just reviews, facts, quotes, and all that other stuff I write.

6.Have you ever been super nervous about a post? Why?! What was it?

Well, now! Honestly, I haven’t been super freaked out about a post, but I think the one I was most anxious about was my first one, The Hobbit Movies. It was super weird to be writing something the whole world might see, so I wanted to precise in everything I wrote. Plus a joke or two would make it seem funny. And I like funny.

7. Do you have a blogging schedule?

I do! Every weekend, Friday and Saturday or Friday and Sunday, I write a post.

8. Do you tell people in-real-life about your blog? Their reaction?

Well, I suppose I have told a few people about it. Their reactions are usually awe and maybe a,”That’s so cool!” remark.

9. Top ten blogs you read/comment on?

Oh my gosh! You expect me to pick that many? There are only a few I can name.

-Melody’s Musings

-The Peculiar Messenger

Told ya.

10. If you could change/improve your blog, what would it be?

To change or improve, I would probably set up the posts a little more organized and maybe pick a specific topic I could write about frequently.

Wow! So I actually did that! Haha! That’s awesome. Phew!

So what’s your blog about? What are you most interested in? Tell me about your blog and what gets you inspired to write!

And there you have it! A complete, filled out Q&A about my blog! Still can’t believe I did that.


The Hunger Games


I find that keeping up with today’s movies is extremely hard. Every month, new movies are pouring out of nowhere for die-hard fans and those just wanting to kick back and relax. Most movies I do not care to see or have time to watch in the theaters or at home.

However, I did have an interest in the Hunger Games movies, especially this third one that came out a few months ago. I was late getting to it, but it was worth it. As a fan of the Hunger Games, books and all, I was thrilled to see what was in store for the Hunger Games victor, Katniss Everdeen.

In the first Hunger Games , the twelve districts are required to enroll in the drawing of the Hunger Games, a gory entertainment for the capitol after the disticts, with failure, try to rebel against them. As punishment, a girl and a boy from each district must participate in these games. Katniss’ sister Primrose, is called out to take part, but with quick-thinking, Katniss steps in and takes her place to save her. Now a participant, she must figure out a way for not only her to survive, but also her partner, Peeta Mellark.


In the next movie, Catching Fire, Katniss and Peeta are the winners of the Games, but President Snow is irritated when the two manipulated the rules into getting them to win, and he sends all the living victors of the Games back into the arena.  Katniss now has an even bigger burden-she must find a way to save Peeta, even if it means getting herself killed.


Lastly, in the third movie Mockingjay: Part 1, Katniss is saved by District 13, the once-though deceased member of the districts. The rest of them are now rebelling, as Katniss has sparked more confidence in them, and President Snow is furious, even to the point of wanting to kill Katniss. She doesn’t care, though, and she forces her way onto televisions everywhere, reporting the Capitol’s fierce aggression. Snow has other ideas, and he has Peeta, now brainwashed, try to talk Katniss out of rebelling anymore. Refusing, District 13 saves Peeta, only to find out he is brainwashed more than they though. Peeta is almost programmed to kill Katniss.


What will happen next? Another movie, Mockingjay: Part 2 is schedule to come in November of this year, which is a happy and sad sort of feeling. I’ll be happy because then I’ll get to see what the next movie will bring, and then sad because there will not be another Hunger Games movie.

My favorite character is a toss-up, but it has to be Rue in the first movie and then Katniss through the rest of them. Rue was just inspiring to me because, even though she was fairly young, she had so much determination and loyalty that she wanted to win, and Katniss displays what bravery and courage in the midst of danger meant. It didn’t matter what she was facing; she was still selfless and courageous.

The movies have minimal swearing, though they are a bit violent. Not many movies these days come without swear words. I would give this movie a thumbs up!

That’s my review on the three Hunger Games movies so far! Thanks for reading!