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Summer Is Done, Fall Has Come


Since the beginning of creating this blog, I’ve had the chance to delve into topics I had never really thought about. From my very first blog post,’The Hobbit Movies’ to the latest post, ‘An Organization Guide for the Struggling, I’ve gotten to expand on opinions of books and movies, giving tips for writing and poetry, and share some of my latest inspirations. It’s been a great few months!

This month, though, I will not be posting anything for about a month. This will give me a chance to write on some new topics and catch up on some posts so I can create some new ideas! Don’t worry, though, I’m planning on coming back around August 28, so when that date comes, you’ll see some new book and movie reviews, more writing tips and advice, and other stuff!

I want to thank everyone who read through my posts and visited my site. I didn’t really imagine that anyone would read this, but I was proved wrong. Your visits, comments, basically anything you do on here mean a ton to me, so on account of everything that has happened in the past four months, thank you!

Hold on, ladies and gentleman, there’s another wave of topics coming soon!

See you on August 28!

An Organization Guide for the Struggling


With summer coming to an end and school getting ready to start (sorry, kids!), there are more and more sales of notebooks, pencils, backpacks, and folders being sold. The stores are packed with people buying back-to-school outfits for their kids and snacks and other food items are being bought for the beginning of the year. Organizing all these items can be tough, but today, I am here to give a few tips for the struggling.

I can’t say that I’m exactly an organizer, though. As much as I would like to say I’m great it, I think that wouldn’t be entirely true. Luckily, after doing a little research on ways people stay organized and therefore giving me the inspiration to come up with new ideas, I have devised several ways to stay organized and clean. Don’t just take my word on it, though! You can even create your own ideas.

Tip #1: It is always a bit disheartening when a giant pile of books are waiting for you.  All those pages you have to study, all those words you have to memorize! Sometimes, it just seems like a real pain to do this much work. To help solve this situation, it’s best to organize those books. Some people like do start with their favorite subject and work their way to their least favorite subject and other people enjoy going from the least-liked to their best subject. I would advise that it’s best to start with the least enjoyed subject, because of you start from your favorite to hated, chances are you’ll lose focus after you finish that first, most-liked subject. Going from least to greatest will most likely help you focus. (Just make sure you don’t rush through your subjects to get to that favorite subject. That’s another problem you’ll have to face.)

Tip #2: Along with those books, there are those study notes you wrote during your class or lecture. What do those scribbles say? What was meant when that was written down? Not everything has to be black and white when it comes to notes; adding a little color will help spruce up those pages! A colorful highlighter can be used to highlight the most important parts of the notes as well as getting your attention on what needs it most. Studies have actually shown that certain colors help us remember things as well and make us feel a certain way. That boring, uninteresting feel doesn’t have to last like that!

fea949c478a2198f6071843209198309Tip #3: What about those quizzes and tests you have lying around? What do you do with those? A portfolio works great as long as you keep your papers in them. Labelled folders can be put into the slots and provide excellent space from those papers that will be important later on.

Tip #4: Speaking of labeling, it’s important to label what belongs to you. Many times have I heard stories of items being stolen, either taking it because they were confused or because they were being a bully. Labeling items doesn’t always prevent bullies fro stealing, but if a person is confused with what item belongs to them, they’ll see the name.  It won’t take long to figure out if it’s the bully or the confused student.

Tip #5: The most important of all these tips is to make sure that you yourself are focused. It’s so very important for us to be focused on goals so that we can achieve them and never give up on what we dream. Even though it seems the goals of today may be pointless, there are endless possibilities for you in the future.

Well, I hope these tips were helpful! Organization is key to pretty much everything, which is why it’s so important! As students enter into a new year or yet another year of school or college, we should focus  on the now so that we can get to where we are lead when the time comes!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Genres of the Ages


There many genres people work with. Some reading classics, while others like some of the young adult books of today. Many books are written with a medieval air, while others may be futuristic. Whatever the setting is, it’s important to be aware of what kind of book you are writing as well as reading.

Similar to setting up a certain playlist for your music, (See ‘A Musical Writer’s Remedy’.) genre lets your imagination flow with the setting of things. Consider my book, set in a post-apocalyptic world. It’s very futuristic, set in a time when technology can pretty much do anything anytime, but with a certain historical air, where the people of the day can hardly afford such items. Books such as The Hunger Games and Divergent are set up in similar ways, allowing much technology but little use for it by the poor.


Unless it’s some random time jump, most books tend to keep into their designated environment. Most books mainly focus on the mannerisms, language, and philosophy of the time. Historical books, such as Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, and Withering Heights, do not have computers or any sort of device, but instead, they have to walk or ride a carriage if they wish to communicate with someone. The mannerisms of that time were quiet different as well, which is why sometimes it’s hard to understand a classical book’s style of writing.

If, however, you don’t want to stick to a certain time period, there are always options such as steampunk. Many times have I been asked what steampunk is, and my reply is,”A fiction, futuristic world with a style much like the Victorian age.” Steampunk allows writing the book to be futuristic while adding a touch of old age, as odd as that sounds.


So how do you figure out what sort of genre you are reading? Many genres have a typical air to them. Does you book have dragons and knights in it? Chances are it might be fantasy. Or how about a book where a man and a woman meet against all odds? That could be considered romance. As my friend and I have found out, many books seem to be a bit too cliche, especially in the young adult genre. Vampires falling in love with mortals, girls falling in love with the most popular boy in school, and love triangles all over the place are rather typical, and those books can get rather tiresome after you read a number of them.

So, hopefully that helped a bit. Genres have developed much over the years, some for better, some for worst, and some have even been created only in the last few years. They help readers know what kind of book they are reading as well as providing information on what style they prefer.


Inspirational Compilation


This week, I don’t really have any book or movie reviews, so I will go over some of this week’s inspirational song lyrics and poems. If anyone at all has a suggestion for what I should write about next or for another oncoming post, comment below on one of my posts!

So this week, I ran into a bunch of inspirational quotes and lyrics on Pinterest, which really inspired me for some of my writing and poetry. Usually, I just run into them randomly, which is actually quite funny because I am always trying to look for some but never see any particularly appealing. Sometimes I’ll get hooked to a song for hours, and that’s when I discover some pretty good lines in them that may inspire me. Here are a few I found this week:


1. I ran into this one by total accident the other day. All of a sudden, this is a recommended pin on my feed, but I soon remembered that this is one of my favorite lines from a Mumford and Songs. I liked the fact that they mentioned using their head with their heart because both are important. It’s using logic and feeling to grasp onto the situation. I really found that interesting.


2. Too often we found ourselves hating and complaining about things in our lives, but what good does it do really? This short poem explains that we should love what loves us but hate exhausts us, and there’s no reason we should hate for no reason. Loving something is so much more calming and relaxing than complaints and hate.


3. I’ve found myself listening to ‘Rather Be’ by Clean Bandit on repeat this week, and I really have no idea why. Maybe it’s because of the positivity in the song, plus it has a nice tune. This line in the song is especially positive, because it talks about going through a rough experience but not breaking from it.


4. I really wish I knew who wrote this because it’s so true! Half truth is the same as lying, because the whole story is being stated and only part of it is being said. Noone reads and writes half a story, because what happened to the other half? It might as well be a lie if not everything is being told.


5. This actually reminded me of one of my characters from my book I am writing. She’s a bit of a dreamer even though she’s basically seen everything. When I saw this quote, it was an inspiration for my writing.


6. Yes, I had to add this! I like the truth in it though. Hanging out with the wrong people (the crows) will confuse ourselves and cause us to become like them. This doesn’t mean all crows are evil (though they are usually the bad guy’s pet in movies) but the main point is that who we hang out with will influence us, which is why it’s important to choose our friends carefully.

And there you have it folks; some of the main quotes and lyrics of this week! There are a ton more that I found (you can check out my ‘ Quotes and Lyrics’ board on my Pinterest account (see ‘About This Blog’ for the link.)) but those are the ones I found touching, important, and true.

Have a wonderful weekend!



Even If It Doesn’t Rhyme


I’m coming up to exactly one year of writing poetry, and it’s been quite an interesting hobby for me. It’s made me see life in forms I never thought of before, it helped me think more creatively, and it really gave me inspiration for some of my books. I haven’t done many poetry posts here, so without further ado, I give you one of the most important aspects in poetry; how to write it!

Most people assume poetry is a flowery way to rhyme words to convey an emotion. Poets such as Longfellow, Poe, and Frost are some people we learn about in school. We memorize their works, we do biographies on them, we mention them in maybe a good line we find inspirational. Poetry to me is so much more. Poetry explains emotions when even the most complex words can’t.

How do we write poetry? It’s not exactly a simple task, let me tell you. Words have to flow, lines have to make sense, just the whole thing really needs to convey meaning. And it doesn’t even have to go off of rhymes. Some poets write brilliant works of poetry without using a single rhyme, and they’d never need to anyway. Just like on a painting, even the simplest of lines creates a beautiful masterpiece, and in writing and reading poetry,even the most simple words make the whole poem.

First of all, when I work on a poem, I search for the emotion. Is this a sad poem, trying to convey the feeling of helplessness or sorrow? Maybe it’s a nostalgic poem, one that remembers the happiest moments of life. Maybe it’s a dark poem about the anger and mixed emotions over losing someone dear to them. Whatever it is, it is important to find a certain emotion to give the poem a sense of meaning.

Next, once you find the emotion, it’s important to look for words that explain it. For instance, let’s look at one of my favorite poems:


This poem gives a sense that the person they left after they have died is rather sorrowful, and this is a way for the dead person to give comfort. The words in this poem rhyme, but not only that, they give meaning. They do not sleep, but they are tiny fragments of memory.

Let’s look over a poem that doesn’t rhyme:


Such poems, even though they do not have rhyming syllables, have meaning in simple words that will silently tell what the true meaning is. This is the art of poetry.

While poetry will remain to some as just some lost art, others are working to pick up on it- people like me. It’s not a lost art, it’s one that needs rediscovered, something that will remain powerful without trying to be powerful. Without the use of words, our feelings would never be spoken of, and poetry releases those emotions into a beautiful statement using only even the unpretentious words

Psych You Out In the End


One of the few shows I have finished includes a running eight-year project with a storyline about a analytical yet slightly immature young man and his best friend. It was and is one of the most popular detective television shows and includes wit, humor, and a good plot. What am I talking about? None other than Psych.

Yep, this show is all about a young man’s spiral into the detective world. When Shawn Spencer is convicted of murdering someone, must find a way to figure out who the true murderer is before it’s too late, and he brings one of his childhood friend along to help him, Burton Guster (AKA Gus.) Throughout the show, Shawn and Gus make friends and create for themselves a job, using Shawn’s ability of observation.

f96ed2950a381fe818ede99727928d6dI finished this show just about two weeks ago, and I was sad to finish it. For the past three or four years, I had sat down with my family and watched this show together with them. Frankly, it’s a well-done show with interesting plotlines, creative characters, and a great place for shooting- California!

There are a few downsides to this show to watch out for, however. There is frequent use of swear words, and a few parts that need skipped. There are also some creepy and just rather odd episodes, so I’d say the age rating for this show would be around 13 and up.

For this show, I give it a thumbs up. Creative plotlines and well-made characters are created, giving the show a humorous twist. It’s most definitely on my list of favorite TV shows.


The Musical Writer’s Remedy


Lately, I have found myself delving back into the world of writing, and I have started a type of book I have never even considered before; post-apocalyptic. No, it’s not just about half-dead zombie people who are chasing people over creation just because they feel like it. It’s not one of those typical books you may find in the young adult section in a bookstore or some sort of survival, game-like storyline. I wanted to work around that without making it cliche, because normally I don’t like the typical young adult vampire books or the-end-of-the-world type of things.

A writing process involves many steps, such as finding a world to build the story off of, working with the characters’ personalities, and creating drama, but there are also steps that can help improve your skills. It may come from television or books, but most of my ideas sprout from music. It’s one of those things that can make you feel happy or sad, thrilled or relaxed, and that’s awesome for a writing process. There have been many times where I have searched for specific types of music as I worked on my novels, and through that, I have found many inspiring artists such as Two Steps From Hell. (I honestly don’t like the name, though.)

cfa9945070e1fbed77e4f9d74d6460e1It was proved many, many centuries ago that music affects brain waves and makes us feel a certain way, which is why it’s important to listen to music that does not prove to be unhealthy. When writing with music, it’s best to pick a certain type of music that will fit your world. Historical novels may usually involve classical music, steampunk and post-apocalyptic may involve futuristic and eerie music. Consider Sherlock‘s background music during the show. Even though they use more modern devices and technology than in the books, the music still gives the show a bit of a 1890’s feels.

Even though some people may say music throws them off when they write, it does help others. I can understand why music could make the story a bit confusing for the reader, especially if they are playing the wrong type of music. This has happened to me many times before, even when I began writing. When a certain dramatic song came on the radio, I was tempted to write a dramatic scene in to the storyline, even if it did not fit. The chapter seemed rushed and confusing, and that was when I learned that maybe a should take my time. (Haha!)

Not sure what kind of music you are looking for, though? Research on similar topics might help as well. A better understanding on what genre your book is or will become  helps immensely, and not just for music material. Knowledge of what kind of book you wrote will help editors, bookstores, the internet stores, and people.

Well, there you have it, one of most important topics for me in writing help. Music has helped spur new ideas when I am in a rut, as well as reading books and watching movies.

Have a lovely weekend!


Because Independence Rings


Today marks yet another celebration of our nation, the Fourth of July, or otherwise known as Independence Day! From parades to barbeques and fireworks, Americans enjoy the tradition of celebrating our nation’s independence! They even enjoy celebrating before the date (countless numbers of fireworks have been fired off already.)

Even down to the beginning of America’s history, when the pilgrims first landed in their New World, they were brave and hardy folks. They trusted God to lead them to their destination, and when their families, friends, and even themselves got ill, they still believed in God’s will. When they were forced to fight many wars to protect their land and beliefs, they stayed loyal to what they believed and kept their word. Godly leaders like George Washington led the nation fearlessly. America has become one of the most powerful nations in the world.

72e1350ad38fa60a2755128cfdf15a0fThe news of last week’s announcement that gay marriage was legal saddened me greatly. It seemed to me as if America had forgotten their ancestors and their struggles, who had still believed in God. America forgot God altogether.

However, even though America’s morals are slowly declining, God still has plans everyone and loves them. America was blessed by God and they have his love. And even though America did not care for God in their decision, God still loves them and calls them His children, because we were made in His image. We are not flawless and sinless, but God still wants the best for us.

As we enter into another year of celebration for America’s independence, I realize that there is a bright future for us one day, when we meet God face to face. There will be a day when we will all have to give an account for what we have done, and then, at last, Christians will be with God forever and ever.

Happy Independence Day!


Tumblr Just Got Pinteresting


I have been on Pinterest for about a year and a half now, and all I see on there are links to Tumblr. Have a relatable pin? It’s probably from Tumblr. What about that quote you found the other day? It might be from Tumblr. Or how about that seemingly obscure photo shoot of your favorite celebrity? Chances are, it came from Tumblr. Why is Tumblr that popular on Pinterest, and how is it similar?

Well, today I’m here to answer those questions. I have been on Tumblr for about four weeks, but from what I’ve seen, it’s understandable why this site is so popular. There’s an endless amount of posts and other things from there. Stretching from the hipster side all the way to the fandoms, Tumblr is an endless amount of posts. The one thing that got me, though, was this question: So why is this different from Pinterest?

Well, for one thing, Tumblr is set up like a blog with the option to ‘reblog’ other people’s media and texts, not like that long essay type things you see on other blogging sites. Tumblr also gives you the option to create your own page, complete with themes, icons, and texts specifically for you and to you. Have a fandom blog? Websites even outside Tumblr give you themes and HTML codes (as long as you understand how to use them), and you can even add music to your page!

For Pinterest, you have the option to ‘curate’ your own page. While you can’t design your own theme for it, you can create boards and pin or repin media to your page, sort of like bookmarking links. You also have the option to tell about yourself and link your own site or page to Pinterest.

Okay, I’ll cut to the chase. You’re probably saying,”Tumblr seems to have more options then. So why are you even comparing?”

Good question.

Sort of…

Not really.


Actually, I believe Pinterest has a few more options than Tumblr. So you can’t create your own page or add music to it or even make your cursor into some cute icon. Tumblr does not have the option to report or hide media or text as Pinterest does, and you can not follow individual things. Pinterest lets you have boards which you design for yourself, perfected with your own topic and profile picture, while Tumblr……there are no no such thing as boards people can follow and, well, you use hashtags instead of boards, which may often combine with other people’s things.

Not that I’m dissing Tumblr. Actually, I do not mind it much besides free use of speech (way too free at times.) and people trying to force their liberal beliefs on others (seriously, lay off, man!) and I love the option of coding your page to make it unique and fun. Pinterest seems to be a little bit more restricted though, and, even though there are not options quite like Tumblr has, it still allows creativity.

So which would I prefer?


I dunno, take a wild guess, I suppose.


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Thanks for reading and have a fantastic Friday!