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An Organization Guide for the Struggling (Updated)


About a month ago, I did a post on organization. After a bit of research and inspiration, Ive found a system that works well for me even though I find it difficult to be organized. In the top picture are a number of things I use for studying. It looks like a ton now but I’ll break it up for y’all so you can see the individual items.

Before starting your study, you may want to grab some kind of drink or snack item, such as coffee (if you drink it.), tea, or hot chocolate. I usually make a drink that combines water, milk, honey, and cinnamon. (It’s actually really good.) Food will give you energy, especially if it’s in the morning, and will give you something to munch on when working.

1.) I use two notebooks for my studies. To be quite honest, this does take a bit of work and time, but it’s actually a wonderful way to memorize easier. Not every notebook is the same, so whatever you decide to put in them is your idea. The bottom notebook under the pens is what I call my ‘general notebook.’ This is just information I gather from the reading and then put down on paper for later. After all the information is written and revised, I then move on to the second notebook. The pens pictured above are a great tool to make the notes fancier and easier to memorize. Colors are suppose to help this, so I use red (the color that helps me memorize the most) and I use this to outline the most important details. Purple is for the chapter title, blue is for the section(s) title, black is just for general information, and red is for the most important details. Once I get to the end of the chapter, I like to spice everything up with different colors instead of just staying strictly to the colors during the chapter.


2.) These are actually sticky notes I found in the store the other day. They had a wonderful selection of colors, shapes, and sizes of sticky notes, but because my notebook isn’t very big, I picked the smaller versions. I haven’t really thought much of sticky notes until I saw some pictures of people using them and adding color to an otherwise black and white page. I use these specifically for small charts, dates, or some other source of data that I need to have collected. I also use these for reminders on dates.

3.) Some stuff I have seen has suggested that all electronics should be turned off when studying. You don’t have to do this, though! I usually use three or four different sites for my motivation before or during study time. Pinterest is used for motivation by looking at other people’s ideas for great study periods, and I use Youtube, and Coffitivity for some background noise during the study. Youtube is usually a Twenty-one Pilots song or a Hogwarts ambience, something that doesn’t distract, and Coffitivity, a site that offers some cafe and university ambiances, is also a great motivation. Remember, though, instrumentals and ambiance noise is probably better to choose so that you don’t lose your train of thought.

Also, I would recommend getting some time of filing folder or portfolio. This way, any random papers that will need to be studied later on can be filed away until future use. I also have a pencil holder to hold my pencil, eraser and pens. It’s important to keep clean and organized, that way you know where everything is when you need them.

Hopefully some of those tips helped you! Organization is key, even if it’s something that is struggled with. Using creativity in something that you may dislike can actually help inspire you, and that’s an important key.

Have a wonderful weekend!


The Giver


Hey, guys! It’s finally August 28! After a few weeks off of writing posts, I’ve come up with lots of new topics to review and blog about, such as more tips on characters in books and writing, reviews off books and movies, and study tips! I can’t wait to post about them!

Today, I’ll be discussing a book I read a few weeks ago called The Giver. The movie for it came out a while ago, and after hearing my brother talk about the book so long, I was curious to see what all the talk was about and I accepted the challenge of reading it.

Smaller than what I thought it was going to be and finishing it in a day and a half (I actually read a total of two books in the last four days.), it definitely was a shocker at the end. I was warned, at least, so I wasn’t quite that shocked.

The story takes place in a community of people arranged according to age, job, and family, and everyone is required to say canned phrases if something specific happens (such as turning up late for class or making a mistake.) Jonas, the oldest of his siblings, is now at the age where he is assigned a job and moved from school to his task. When he is chosen as Receiver of Memory, a rare rank for anybody, he becomes nervous and wonders if he’ll be cut out for the task, but all those thoughts are put aside when he is trained by the Giver, Jonas’ mentor. This task opens up a whole world to him, and Jonas must make a life-changing decision before it’s too late for him to back out.


This book was actually written¬† 90’s, which surprised me since I had always thought of it as one of the classics. The book had a good theme to it, and the suspense grew with every chapter that was written. Some of the characters seems to be a bit cheesy in their speech, ans that bothered me slightly until I figured out that was probably how they were suppose to be portrayed. Like I said, it’s a rather short book, and it took me not very long before I found myself looking at the back cover.

The book is pretty clean. There is one part that is awkward, however, but there is not detail and it just explains a dream Jonas had. There are no swear words, is easy to read, and is pretty entertaining. For the rank, I would say it would be a 7 out of 10.

Have a lovely weekend!