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He Lives!


For some, Easter may be just another holiday that involves eating quite a bit and getting together with family. When thinking about Easter, we probably associate it with chicks and bunnies, colored eggs and flower. And while some of that is awesome and creative, there is one important reason Easter is what it is.

Easter is probably the most happy and memorable holiday out of all of them that I celebrate. I can recall many good memories associated with Easter, such as collecting plastic Easter eggs when I was younger and then when I became older, it was the food and company I enjoyed the most. However, there is yet another reason why I am so fond of Easter. It is the day Christ conquered the grave.

1456375bffb1dc7db220e2dc9cbc7ed3What does this mean? Well, many centuries ago, God became man and lived among other humans, During His time on earth, he healed the sick, raised the dead, and taught about God to crowds as well as making friends and gathering with others. Though some people were not too fond of Jesus, many were, and they came to know Him and accept Him.

However, on one particular night, one of Jesus’ disciples and friends, Judas, betrayed Jesus and led a group of Roman soldiers to Him to capture Him. Though His disciples tried to protect Jesus from the soldiers, Jesus willingly went with them to trial. Jesus went to multiple trials, and nobody could find fault with Him. The crowds were angry; they wanted Jesus dead, and thus, He was condemned to die on the cross, the death of a thief and robber.

However, this isn’t the end, Three days after Jesus died, two women came to His tomb to decorate it and clean it. Upon entering, they discovered that Jesus’ body was not there. An angel that was there told them that Jesus had risen! He was alive, just as He said He would be! Rejoicing, the women went to their loved ones, telling them the news.

db9c5479a308a30e6374ad80d6b452dcWhy was this necessary? Why did Jesus have to die? He could’ve stopped everything to keep Himself alive, so why did He let it happen?

Back in those days, the people were suppose to sacrifice an unblemished lamb. This would cleanse of their sins for a short time, but as soon as they sinned again, they would have to make another sacrifice. This was a continuous cycle they had to repeat, but when Jesus died, the Lamb of God, his death meant we were forgiven, and we wouldn’t have to sacrifice anything anymore, because His forgiveness was and is eternal.

This is why Easter is such a happy holiday to celebrate. Jesus’ death means life for me and everyone who accepts Him. We are all sinners, deserving of hell, but Christ has extended a gift to us if only we accept it. And this is why I love this time of year.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter! I plan on enjoying Easter lunch after church, then just hanging out. It’s been gorgeous outside the past few days! At long last, winter is gone!!

A Guide Guide to OC Creation


(All art in this post is drawn by me. Please do not steal or copy without permission. I will find you if you steal this.)

Okay, so as promised, new content is going to be filling my blog up. This week, I want to talk about something it seems that not a whole lot of people go into detail about; OC creation. I’ll do the best I can to explain it.

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You may be wondering what an OC is. An OC stands for ‘own character’, and refers to a character someone made himself. It could be a character designed for a fan fiction, like a lot of people do, or it could be characters in your own book. Most people have at least one OC they like to do things with (roleplay, draw, write a one-shot about.), but if you don’t but want to learn how to make one, you’ve come to the right place.

OC creation doesn’t take that much time, and yet it seems like it does. What I mean by that is it takes a bit of thinking to get that character you want. You have to come up with characteristics, talent, abilities, looks, personality, etc. Sometimes people use what writers call ‘character sheets’ to refer to specifics about their OC. This is very helpful and keeps ideas in a concise order for later reference.

It may seem intimating at first, but with these steps, you’ll be creating OCs in no time! Let’s get started with the first step.

The Character’s Look

This is essential for creation of your own character. Without an appearance, people won’t really know how to picture your character and may become rather bored at the concept. Of course, we don’t want that! So how do we make the character’s outer appearance?

February drawingThe first step is to imagine what you think they may look like. Hair color and eye color are pretty important, along with the build of the character. A weak and rather skinny kid is probably not going to be lifting any heavy logs with his build, but a burly, strong man will be able to do the job. Build is important to the character because it gives them certain characteristics that will aid them in the story.

It’s also important to note what expression they have. Grumpier people will tend to scowl more, but optimistic, happy characters usually appear pleasant. The grumpy person can look pleasant, of course, but they’re masking what they are feeling, which can be a good trait for characters who try to hide their real selves away from the world.

The Character’s Personality

Pic1 - CopyPersonality is also key for a character. It helps viewers and readers dive more into what these characters are like and also helps them relate to the character. Whether angry, happy, optimistic, or depressed, this encourages more life into your character.

One thing that really helped me expand on my OCs’ personality is taking this quiz from my character’s perspective. Personality types really do help other people understand people better, and while some people may not fit into a certain personality type, it really does help get an idea for what they may be like.

It also helps to watch other people’s character, whether it’s on TV or in real life. Trust me, this works wonders! Most screen writers know what they’re doing when designing their character.

The Character’s Intentions and Ambitions

Think about it. We’re all kind of aiming ourselves towards a particular ambition we have. It doesn’t matter what it is; we all have that one dream we want to be fulfilled one day.

So does the OC! The character wants something fulfilled of their own, whether it’s a dream they have or something they want to see happen. Does your character have that get-rick scheme? They’re aiming to be rich, and quickly, so they may collect a bunch of ideas they have in order to get that to happen. What about that female character who wants to get the attention of her crush? She may try different things to impress him.

Edris sketchYou could also have those ambition-less characters. Stella is almost one of these types of people; doing what she wants without really having an objective. You could have a character like that, but make sure it works for the character’s personality. One of those characters who is driven towards goals is not going to be ambition-less.

Intentions are important, too. Intentions mean that once something is fulfilled, what they’re going to be doing with it. Some people’s intentions is strictly revenge, for others, it’s just to grab the attention of someone they admire. Personalities do play a key role in character development, so make sure ambitions and intentions match up to them.

The Character’s Role

Role is such an important part of the character. Just like people in the real world have an important role, so does your character. Are they the villain, or are they the protagonist. Is she the side character, or is she just that one character that helps the protagonist get back on her feet?

Jobs of the character could also be a role. For one of my characters, Remus, his role is like that of a scientist or chemist. He works with science quite a bit, so his job leans more towards the chemist side of things.


Of course, any job can be picked, since there are so many different options out there. The jobs the characters do will have an effect on them in many different ways and may strengthen or weaken their character, so it’s important to add that to your OC.


Well, that’s pretty much all you need to know to build your OC! The rest is up to you! Relationships, the world they live in, the clothes they wear-it’s all up to you! And if you get frustrated with yourself, look up some OC building helps! Masterposts of OC creation is out and rally can help you expand on your character! Remember to have fun while doing it!

Thanks for reading! If there is a topic you want me to consider writing about, feel free to comment under one of my posts! Feedback is very much appreciated!

Have a great weekend!