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Happy Halloween! I’m so excited for it! This year has seemed to fly, and I just can’t believe it’s almost November already! I’ve decided this year for Halloween, I’m either dressing up as a Ravenclaw student from Harry Potter or the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who. I can’t wait!


I decided that my review will be a little different this week, because I am going to do a review on one of my favorite bands, Twenty One Pilots!

I discovered these guys this summer when I was playing around on Tumblr. A bunch of my followers were posting the band members (Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun.) and the lyrics to their songs, so I decided to go check a song out. One of the very first songs I played from them was called ‘The Judge,’ which is now on the list of my favorite Twenty One Pilots songs, but, at the time, I was in total shock when I heard it and I wondered what sort of genre it was. The song didn’t appeal to me at all.50c3b1a6f06f2886bd0a0da9ceaaa373

I came back a while later, after a girl at drama camp had mentioned she was a fan of them. Again, I was curious as to see why so many people were interested in this band, so I listened to bits of ‘The Judge’ again, then I moved on to ‘Stressed Out.’ The song was so creative, I began to research more of their songs. Pretty soon, I was listening to almost all of their songs on one of their most recent release and I was loving it!

I also have done bits of research on the band and I came across this from Wikipedia:

Twenty One Pilots bring a mix of piano (sometimes an electronic keyboard or a keytar), synthesizer, drums (also mixed with electronic drums some parts), vocals, and occasionally ukulele. Their songs are poetry-based (written by Tyler and Josh), and when his poetry is too long he stated that he needs to start rapping to fit the lyrics in.

People typically have trouble affiliating the band to a specific genre to describe them, since they bridge so many.However, many fans (and themselves to a degree) have labeled them “Schizophrenic pop” (also known as Schizoid pop), a technically unofficial subgenre of pop.

Although many of their songs contain allusions to Christian theology and have messages (even if implied) about God, and all members of the band (past and present) are Christians, Twenty One Pilots is not considered a Christian band.

 Twenty One Pilots official band logo as of 2015.

In regards to their logo, Tyler Joseph stated in an interview that:

“It means Twenty One Pilots, the logo does. Why it means Twenty One Pilots, is it really goes along with one of our songs called “Kitchen Sink.” The whole concept of that song is that I feel that humans are always struggling all the time when it comes to purpose, trying to figure out their purpose is, what purpose even is, what’s the point, justifying your own existence. A lot of kids and people my age struggle with “what’s the point,” and with the logo, what it really means is it’s an encouragement. When someone asks me what the logo means to me, the logo means something to me because I made it mean something to me. That’s the point. The point is that I created something that only I understand and whether or not I decide to disclose the meaning of it, that’s the beginning of purpose for me. The meaning of purpose for me, is by creating something, if it be by writing lyrics, painting a picture, by expressing yourself through art if it’s photography or music or theater, or whatever it is. It doesn’t have to be artistic, but if you create something and only you know the meaning of it, that’s the beginning of purpose for you. When you’re in the room by yourself trying to decide whether to stay alive, you can tell yourself “I should probably stay alive because I’m the only one who knows the meaning of that thing,” so the logo is an encouragement for people to create. That’s what it means.”
— Tyler Joseph explaining the band’s logo.

According to the band, their purpose for making music is “to make people think”, as well as encourage them to find joy in what they come to believe in life.

When I found out these guys were Christians, it all made sense to me. As I listened to some of their songs, especially ‘The Judge’, it all clicked! They weren’t just singing random lyrics; it was implying God! To me, that was pretty awesome to hear that even though they weren’t necessarily a Christian band, they were still singing about God. It’s cool when bands do that.

2f9ba1aae8112935f25311d010604cc0Tyler Joseph is also correct in his comment about people struggling about the point in life. I’ve seen and heard a lot of stories about people giving up hope and killing themselves. It’s sad to hear, because even though they had so much potential, they didn’t see it. Without God, we suffer under questions about why we exist, and even as Christians, we sometimes wonder why we are alive. The great thing about Twenty One Pilots is that they’re not afraid to sing about God. They want to encourage people, motivate them, inspire them, and cause them to think about their worth. People struggle, and that’s okay, but the important thing is that we get back on our feet and continue on.

I personally find this band the most inspiring out of all my other favorite bands. These dudes are out to encourage others through the songs, and since their songs are relatable, it’s amazing how many people have become fans of this band. Even though I wasn’t a fan at first, I’ve got to say, this is probably one of the most powerful bands right now!

Also, the most awesome thing about them right now is that next year, 2016, they will touring all over! In ‘Emotional Roadshow’, they’ll be traveling to all kinds of places, giving almost everyone a chance to go see them in concert!

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Have a wonderful weekend!

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