A Look Into This Week

Forgive me if this post gets too long, but I really need to vent over something that’s been happening for the last week.

So, as most of you know, I have a Tumblr account, where I reblog stuff, write my own posts, and post up some of my art. It’s a really fun place, and I’ve met some amazing people, joined one of the best squads on the Internet, and literally spent hours through the night just having a blast with everyone online. It’s a place where I can just relax and have a good time without much worry.

That hasn’t been the case this week though. While my friends and I are still having fun with one another online, we’re receiving very rude hate, both off anonymous and on. This isn’t just the ‘Man, your blog sucks’ hate, this is the ‘you’re wrong that you believe in this thing and you’re a horrible person” hate. For the very first time since I had joined Tumblr back in 2015, I received some very vulgar comments, not about me, but about my faith.

I wasn’t the only one to receive this though. Almost the whole entire squad (minus like 3 people) also had vile, rude, horrid comments. What I had in my inbox was really bad, but I wasn’t hit as hard as some of the others. These people are literally riding the squad’s tails, questioning them, attacking them, even downright trying to irritate us. It’s report-worthy, to say the least. They call us ‘idiot Christians’, and one of them made a post saying that he had spent the whole day with us, arguing with us. Like, you were the one who decided to bombard us, isn’t that your issue, kid?

I’m very disgusted. My friends have replied with love and gentleness, and they have displayed a Christ-likeness that us very inspiring, but I’m so sick of seeing this attack’s negative crap on my dashboard. What do they think we’ll do? Be like,”Oh yes you’re so right my mind is changed now thanks.”? Yeah, right.

My testimonyYou see, I’ve never actually understood why the heck someone would want to put hate on someone’s blog. Doesn’t make them look good.  Actually, they look pretty dumb. Life’s hard enough without them making it worse for others.

I think it’s pretty obvious I was boiling angry when I received those vile, wicked comments. How dare someone speak about Jesus like that! It would’ve been different if they approached me in a more kinder, gentler, and less blasphemous way. The outcomes would be so different. And yet, they didn’t. *slow clap* Way to go dude.

As I was sitting in church today, the pastor was talking about how wickedness tries to get us to give up the faith in God. I thought that was very fitting considering all the crap that’s been happening this week. I can’t just give up because somebody is trying to be annoying and angering. Because God is in control.

The squad has said this multiple times, but this was actually a blessing in disguise. Our friendships with one another are stronger now. We’re watching one another’s backs and we’re reaching out to others.A few days ago, I decided to put up my testimony, and  I’ve gotten multiple comments from different people telling me that they were moved by it and never give up hope. And I’m not going to. I won’t be stopped. I’m not giving anyone that victory.

All in all, despite this horrible blogs that are being created just to attack the squad and me, I really feel like God has His hand on us. Not to sound flowery, of course, but I really do believe it. I’m still beyond angry, but I know that no matter what, we won’t be stopped.


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  1. Love this. Very inspiring. Jesus warned us that as Christians we would be persecuted because of our belief in Him. I’ve even heard some Christians say that being persecuted means that your doing something right. Keep up with your awesome artwork and your awesome Tumblr!

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