About Me

Hello! Welcome to my personal blog. My name is Alyssa Conrad. Here’s some things you should know about me!

1.) I’m a digital art working towards a degree in graphical art designs. My hope is to someday work on conceptual art production for video game companies.

2.) I’m a bit of a nerd, especially towards media I am especially fond of. My favorite games are Portal and Overwatch, though I play many other different genres like Bendy and the Ink Machine, GTA V, Deltarune, and things that I’m probably missing but can’t think of right now.

3.) I have many hobbies, including digital art, coding, horticulture, and photography.

4.) My main goal throughout whatever I do, online or offline, is create an encouraging impact, create a positive light, and be a support for those in my life.

I am also an adventurer and I love to explore new places. Whether I’m out on the water or in the middle of the woods, I absolutely love to explore and learn more about my surroundings. I’m always on the move.

If you want to find out more about me or my blog, check the FAQ!!!