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Hi! Welcome to my personal site! I post a lot of random stuff here, but most of the time it consists of TV shows, movies, books, and I guess anything entertainment-related.
The title of my blog is actually and combination of stories.’Deducing’ is actually a word meaning to piece together a fact by logical reasoning. Although many times I have attempted this sort of thing, it is harder than it seems, but I still enjoyed the name. The ‘Dove’ part of my name is actually a nickname my family calls me as well as some people online, and I eventually adopted the name for myself. Combining the two words gave me the title for my new blog, ‘Deducing Dove’.
I enjoy my blog quite a bit. It gives me a chance to rant, to explore my feelings on a topic, and it allows me to experiment with some parts of web designing. I love the fact that I can create a blog full of my thoughts and ideas and being able to share them, all on a web page!


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