Astronomy: A Testament of Truth


Ugh, I can not believe that one month went by and I hadn’t written a single blog post. Between art practice and working on collaborations and other stuff and studying and all that, I completely forgot about my blog posts. I mean, good grief, I said that was off hiatus and what happens?! I go on it again. I gravely apologize.

However, I have thought up a topic I would like to discuss, something that I have been interested in since I was a kid and am aspiring to do; astronomy. Since I was just a toddler, the sky has always interested me. The way weather worked, the colors it held when it was different parts of the day, the clouds and their formations- it all fascinated me, and it still does. The night sky is particularly interesting to me, because while the day sky is interesting and still just as pretty, the night sky reveals things you wouldn’t see when the sun was out. The stars come out, the planets orbit around space, and sometimes, you can see satellites drifting by (believe me, it’s pretty cool when you get to see one fly past.).

While astronomy testifies to God’s love and power so much, some people refuse to believe in the God that made it all. Oftentimes scientists will try to shove the Big Bang theory into people’s faces in an attempt to get them to believe in it. I’ve constantly seen it in astronomy (actually, every single astronomy book I have read will try to give an explanation for this theory.) and it’s not only apparent in these books, but also a ton of other science books.

In case you are not aware of what the Big Bang theory is, it is the belief that the universe was in just the right state that planets and stars could be created. Wikipedia gives a more detailed description:

The Big Bang theory is the prevailing cosmological model for the universe from the earliest known periods through its subsequent large-scale evolution. The model accounts for the fact that the universe expanded from a very high density and high temperature state, and offers a comprehensive explanation for a broad range of phenomena, including the abundance of light elements, the cosmic microwave background, large scale structure and Hubble’s Law. If the known laws of physics are extrapolated beyond where they have been verified, there is a singularity. Some estimates place this moment at approximately 13.8 billion years ago, which is thus considered the age of the universe. After the initial expansion, the universe cooled sufficiently to allow the formation of subatomic particles, and later simple atoms. Giant clouds of these primordial elements later coalesced through gravity to form stars and galaxies.

…..Haha, okay, that was a really detailed description of what it is, but to translate, this definition is stating that the universe reached a high density and temperature state to form basically everything we knew, from atoms to planets, and scientists estimate that this happened billions of years ago. The galaxies and stars that we see are formed from gas clouds, and this is how we came into being.

tumblr_mdhixtKoZl1rar248o1_500I will always use this argument to the day I die, but if this were true, wouldn’t a much Higher Being have to even make these gases and laws for even anything to form? Because the universe can’t create on its own; it needs someone of Greater Power to even design how it works!

This is just one reason why I disagree with the idea of the Big Bang theory as well as evolution. These theories are just ways to avoid God. They don’t want to credit Him.

For those who agree with evolution, let’s take a concept. Suppose you are a very powerful being, with an ability to create and control anything you desire. Nothing is stopping you; you can let your imagination run free, so you do! You want to create a world with creatures on it, and you want to design this world so it’s beautiful or those who live there. You love these creatures so much and you want the best for them. So you create all sorts of gorgeous things, from the skies above to the grass and colors all around.

For a while, the people are happy and content. They love you and what you have done for them. They take care of what you have placed for them, and they do it gladly. But then some start getting rebellious. To them, this is their world, and they should have the right to control it, so they start making up their own rules. They design their own forces and create large rebellions, roping others into what they believe until almost everyone is under the illusion that everything is in their control and that they created their existence. And all the while, you watch as the ones you love slowly drift away from you, breaking up what you did to protect them and show them love and support.

0e4f2cf5173b800985ef1e09a42ffe0eThis is us. We are the rebellious. We’ve cut God out of our lives, torn apart what He has done for us, and have become our own gods falsely. We create our own laws and concepts in an attempt to cut Him out of everything. We don’t want Him in our lives; we want to be all-powerful. And during our rebellion, God is watching us fade from His protection.

Evolution is one way scientists try to cut God out of everything. They want to believe something different created the universe. Man wants the credit for himself, so he’ll try anything to get it.  We see it in everyday life; people at a job where they take the credit someone else worked hard on, people on the Internet who steal art and claim it as their own or don’t even give credit at all. It’s everywhere, but it’s on an extreme level when man tries taking credit away from God.

I’m reminded of God every time I look up at the stars. Those shining beams of light and giant planets were placed in the exact right places by God. He created the pulls on the planets to allow them to stay in place, to orbit. And when I look up at the night sky, I’m reminded that God cared enough for us to let us study these miracles.  He made this sky for me, that I can marvel at His power and love for me. There is no greater love than that.

Astronomy should not be taken lightly, though it is by many scientists. But those that can look up at the sky and know that God is real, that He made this sky for us, and that He loves us and we believe in Him; those are the ones that can see that God was the One who made the universe and everything outside of it. And maybe some of us can become those astronomers that can step into the science realm speaking the truth about God and we can share His love with others. This is what our world really needs.

2 thoughts on “Astronomy: A Testament of Truth

  1. You are very right! With the Big Bang theory, the thing is; nothing just *snaps* BAM, appears. That was the deal with spontaneous generation. If something living cannot appear from the dead, how can things just be there and not be created? And in this entire concept of the earth and everything in it chaotically shifting into a livable planet… OK, then- how? How do things explode together and become something without anything. Do we see that anymore? Do we see other places in space occur into habitual planets? So how lucky, how much faith would you have to have to believe in the Big Bang? A lot. Very much.
    The Bad is a force that is not creative. The Devil cannot create. He can only use what God did and trick and use that in a bad way. Such theories that say God is not the Creator, are simply works that Lucifer uses to point whatever he can away from Creator. It is a battle that has been a long time going… Twisting the truth, so humans can be more ‘free’, instead of acknowledging a Supreme Being.
    I mean…. The stars above should be proof of a Supernatural God. How is that we aren’t burning to death? We’re surrounded by balls of fire, right? What sort of ‘luck’ keeps us by? I mean, it takes more blind faith to believe in the BB, than believe in Yahweh…
    You’re right. I enjoyed reading this bit of your reflections, very intriguing! 🙂 God bless.

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