Because Independence Rings


Today marks yet another celebration of our nation, the Fourth of July, or otherwise known as Independence Day! From parades to barbeques and fireworks, Americans enjoy the tradition of celebrating our nation’s independence! They even enjoy celebrating before the date (countless numbers of fireworks have been fired off already.)

Even down to the beginning of America’s history, when the pilgrims first landed in their New World, they were brave and hardy folks. They trusted God to lead them to their destination, and when their families, friends, and even themselves got ill, they still believed in God’s will. When they were forced to fight many wars to protect their land and beliefs, they stayed loyal to what they believed and kept their word. Godly leaders like George Washington led the nation fearlessly. America has become one of the most powerful nations in the world.

72e1350ad38fa60a2755128cfdf15a0fThe news of last week’s announcement that gay marriage was legal saddened me greatly. It seemed to me as if America had forgotten their ancestors and their struggles, who had still believed in God. America forgot God altogether.

However, even though America’s morals are slowly declining, God still has plans everyone and loves them. America was blessed by God and they have his love. And even though America did not care for God in their decision, God still loves them and calls them His children, because we were made in His image. We are not flawless and sinless, but God still wants the best for us.

As we enter into another year of celebration for America’s independence, I realize that there is a bright future for us one day, when we meet God face to face. There will be a day when we will all have to give an account for what we have done, and then, at last, Christians will be with God forever and ever.

Happy Independence Day!


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