Free! Iwatobi Swim Club


Hello everyone! Welcome back to another post! I have not done a whole lot of anime posts, but I have to do a review on one of my favorite anime shows ever; Free! Iwatobi Swim Club.

1dad63aff46777ad0d86ca262ee803f1The series is about a group of three teenaged boys who have spent almost their whole middle school year swimming and competing in swimming races. When one of their good friends, Rin Matsouaka, leaves for Australia to go to a higher level swim school, the three boys eventually stop swimming…that is, until their second year of high school! Haruka Nanase, a swimming fanatic, is ready to dive back into the waters, so he and his old friends, Nagisa and Makoto, along with a boy who has never swam before, called Rei, create their own swim club for their school, soon getting to the point where their competing against their childhood friend, Rin! Throughout the summer, the new Iwatobi Swim Club must devise a way to beat his school, or else face total humiliation!

I started this series almost a year ago, and I’ve loved it ever since! The only downside to this whole thing is the fanbase sort of gets rather nasty when it comes to the characters of Free!, but other than that, it’s a fantastic show to watch! One of the main things I found I love about this show is 1.) I could totally relate to it (being a swimmer as well a few years ago.) and 2.) The whole show was about motivation, inspiration, and pushing yourself towards a goal you want to achieve. There were no dark themes like some animes seem to have, and the whole entire show was fun and inspiring! You can’t say that about a lot of anime shows!

I love all the character in the show as well, but one of my favorite characters was Haru! Featured as a sort of main character, throughout the whole entire two 26d1faf5361d6a1226b5c13091b40ffdseasons, he is working on how to better himself, how to become motivated to do what he loves best; swim! He didn’t give up when he was up against one of the best swimmers of the whole competition and his old friend, and instead, he pushed himself to achieve what he wanted.  All the characters seem to be inspired in different ways, and that was pretty awesome to watch develop as the show went on.

Also, there was an English dub released this summer, along with a new series featuring Haru, Makoto, and a few others characters back in their middle school days. I have yet to see it, but eventually, I’ll probably make my way!

And now the rating! This show was pretty clean, had hardly any bad words, and featured some awesome characters as well as some cool morals, so I rate this a 4 out of 5!

Thanks for reading! If you have any suggestions or comments about what you would like to me to consider writing about next, feel free to comment below one of my posts. (Just please stay clean! No cussing or anything!)

Have an awesome weekend!

Death Note


And now’s it time to introduce one of my favorite animes of all time, Death Note, as suggested from Angela R. Watts!

It’s the exciting story about a teenager boy called Light Yagami who is sick with the violence of the modern world, and he longs for a time when criminals are no more. One day, he runs into a book called the Death Note, a notebook with an ability to kill anyone and anything within 40 seconds. Light then realizes he can use this book to kill of these criminals, and he becomes a bloodthirsty and murderous young man. Luckily, the police step in, with an indestructible force; L, the secret detective who’s name is not known. With L at his heels, Light finds him as an obstacle in the path of what he wants, and there’s only a small amount of time before Light can get what he longs for.

From what I’ve seen, there’s never been an anime quite like this before. The artists and writers have taken the works of the modern day police and the struggles of today’s life to make a dramatic yet an almost realistic story. The creators of Death Note, Tsugumi Obata and Takeshi Ohba, have somehow mastered the art of using the brain in drawings and art!


I finished this series and the episodes late last summer, and I marveled at the workings of this story. The amazing part to me was the subliminal message; power corrupts, and we must be wise with whatever we do. Not many shows portray this lesson.

What got me about this anime were the characters and the artwork. There were characters that thought they longed for good and thought they were doing right in the process, but they ended up doing terrible, wrong things, and sometimes one of the two sides would get so caught up in their work or in their plans they forgot about everything else around them. And the art! I have never seen artwork like that before, even in the manga!

Okay, now for my favorite characters. L and Mello were two of some of the best characters, in my mind. L was like a modern day Sherlock, complete with all the quirks and the quiet ferocity of thinking. When Mello and Near came in, two of the orphans raised to think just like L, entered the scene, I was interested in Mello, the punk who wore his heart on his sleeve.

Death Note is not what I would consider a children’s show, though. The plotline is far too complex and there are a few swear words as well as a few sad character deaths.  So, for this anime, Death Note, my rating would be a 3 out of 5.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


Vampire Knight


There are a ton of shows about vampires anymore.

I mean, like seriously, you turn around, and wow! there’s a vampire show. Vampires are all over the TV, vampires are in movies, vampires are taking over the whole world, the whole universe!

Okay, it’s not that dramatic, but there are too many vampire shows out there to count. That was partially why I thought the anime show Vampire Knight was some seemingly dark, depressing, and cliche show, the typical type. But one day, I was sick in bed, and it seemed like it might be good entertainment, so I thought,”Meh, why not?”

Turns out, it wasn’t as dark as it seemed. The story is about a private school with a secret; some of the students are vampires trying to make peace with the humans, but should anyone find out, they could get in trouble. Yuki Cross is a part of keeping this is a secret, alongside her partner and friend, Zero Kiryuu, a quiet and somewhat cross character who is also a vampire, though he does not want to tell anyone at all.

The story had quite a few twists that I won’t get into, but the show is actually pretty good. I collect some of the manga books from the author even. And it’s actually a clean show! There are hardly any swear words, and though there is a touch of innuendo, it is not all that bad, which gains them a big thumbs up from me. However, some scenes may be too dark for a young child, and there is the typical vampire behavior in it.

afce789748387a01d42e7559821aa6bcMy favorite characters are somewhat odd for a normal show. Zero Kiryuu is one of my favorites as well as Aidou Hanabusa, a mischievous side character. Each character plays a different role in the show, from being the Pureblood vampire down to the puniest Level E. As usual with me, I enjoy  characters like Aidou because he seemed happy educated in the fields of science (in other cases…not so much.) and Zero has side to him that not many of the characters got to see- a scared, torn apart boy. Complex characters like that are interesting, I think.

Although it’s not quite one of the more famous animes, it is still well-known and enjoyed by many, and it’s understood why. The anime is adventurous, romantic, and since this is a pretty clean anime with a cool plotline, I give this a thumbs up all the way!

That’s all for my first anime review! Toodle-oo!