How Christians Have Taken the Term Gossip Too Far


Hi guys! I’m alive! XD And I’m back with another blog post. I know in my earlier post, I talked about a special project, and just for all those wondering what happened, it’s still in progress! I’m just taking a little bit more time since it’s on a topic near and dear to my heart, so it’ll be just a while longer and then I’ll show it to y’all. But for now, I wanted to share something that has been bothering me for some time. I hear a lot about the term gossip in Christian communities, and the more I hear about it, the more I wonder if the term has lost it’s meaning, especially for Christians.
In my personal opinion, and nobody has to agree with me, but I believe Christians use gossip in a wrong fashion. The term ‘gossip’ is usually used to stop a conversation about someone else, but I know for me, it really has to depend on what the subject is about.
I know, a lot of people are probably going to be like,”But all gossip is evil.” That’s what I want to talk about. Are we mixing up ‘discuss’ and ‘gossip’? I believe so. Here’s why:
Alright, so when we engage in a conversation, what do we usually talk about? Yeah, sometimes it’s about our daily life, maybe a situation that happened, but around 80% of conversations will usually include another person. Whether it’s just talking about a person involved in the situation you were also involved in, or about what the other person did, chances are, another person is going to be involved in that conversation.
Is this gossip? I’d imagine most people would say,”Well it depends on what’s being talked about.” EXACTLY. This is how I approach the term gossip. Dictionary defines gossip as: casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.
Okay here’s the deal. If it involves rumors that will intentionally hurt someone, I can see this being classified as gossip. I mean, come on, if you’re talking about someone in an effort to hurt them, that’d probably be considered gossip. But unless you have a crazy evil intent (some people do actually 0-0), talking about someone else is not considered gossip.
Dictionary also defines the term ‘discussion’ as: the action or process of talking about something, typically in order to reach a decision or to exchange ideas. This is how it should be. For example, if someone is physically or mentally trying to get to you, and you go to a group of friends or your family for help on how to handle the issue, as well as to receive comfort, is this going to be considered gossip? No way! Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on or someone to be there for support.
And this is where I think some Christians miss it. If I’m discussing something with someone and I’m wounded, physically or mentally, I don’t want to be told I’m gossiping. You’re basically telling that person,”Hey, you’re not open to talk to me about this anymore. This is gossip.” It seems a bit unfair, and this is why I don’t believe in the term “gossip” as it’s used today.
Of course, we want to be Biblical about it. Ephesian 4:29 states: do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for bringing others up according to their needs, that they may benefit those who listen.” Key words that especially stand out to me are ‘ bringing others up according to their needs.’ Basically, encourage eachother according to their situation and the need during it. That’s why I think immediately labelling something as gossip is dangerous as Christians. Of course, we should not aim to hurt others with our words, but let’s not be so quick to shut down conversation with ‘that’s gossip.’ Our aim is to encourage and support and be there for people, and not to tear them down.


Wow it’s been almost a year since I’ve logged back into this blog. For those that still check back here, I apologize for the gigantic hiatus. I’m usually running two Tumblr blogs now so sometimes I forget I still own this site.

Anyway, after thinking about this topic this week, I thought it’d be a good idea to post it here. Not a lot of Christians talk about this particular topic, but I think it’s an important one we need to watch for. It’s also important that we keep an eye on what we say, and Godspeak is no exception. I mean, let’s face it, nonbelievers don’t usually understand what the true meaning of what “Christianity” is. The world implants a tainted version of it in their heads and tells them to stay away from it because Christians are judgemental. They see it as a nontolerable cult with do’s and don’t in life and oftentimes I have found that some people believe that it is a hate religion rather than what it actually is, peace through Jesus.

One thing I see probably the most is nonbelievers getting turned off when Christians use “Godpseak.” What is Godspeak exactly? To sum it all up, it is the use of flowery language to portray Christian meaning. You want to know a secret though.

Half the time I have NO idea what these people are trying to convey.

And let’s just come right and say it, Christians like to use Godspeak. It’s like a special language they can use as a way to show their holiness. They’ll put it on statuses on Facebook, in quotes, on pictures. The choices are endless! It’s even used on Instagram. Literally what most people do is go to a sunny spot in a room, open their Bible, place some flowers or food around their Bible, and wow! You look so much holier and wiser than all of your friends.

I’m not saying posting verses or quotes is a bad thing. Sometimes it helps reach out to those struggling, but a constant use of Godpseak, whether responding to someone online or talking to someone to their face, it can get REALLY annoying. Literally, you don’t have to sound like the wisest person here. You can still be super normal and be yourself and you can get your point across just fine.

Another problem I see with Godspeak is the utter meaninglessness of it. You can appear all godly and holy to someone online, but then turn around and be a literal jerk to friends and family. That doesn’t mean they’ll stop trying to be all godly though. One thing I constantly see among people is the pulling out of verses from the Bible and THROWING them into people’s faces, taking them entirely out of context. I think Matthew 18 is probably the most popular verse taken out of context. But anyway, it really bothers me when someone doesn’t even try to apply what they said to someone else with themselves. The witness to others is completely gone if you can’t hold a constant testimony in your actions. You basically just wasted your breath in the attempt to appear holier-than-thou.

Going back to what I said earlier, Godspeak also tends to turn people off. It comes across as,”What happened to them to make them say that?” It produces a negative perspective of that person and their belief in their brain and thus turns them away. I really just want to tell these people,”Nooo, it’s not that we don’t know how to communicate the Gospel to you, it’s just sometimes people’s focus is taken away.”

I’ve got to admit, I’ve seen WAY too many people take up the Godspeak language. And I’ve seen people turn their back on Jesus because of it. I have argued with many others who have turned to Godspeak to uphold their “holier-than-thou” ranking, but when it comes right down to it, are they applying what they keep saying to themselves?

Godspeak seems to just be a very negative trait many Christians have picked up. What’s wrong with just talking normally? Why not be the person God made us to be and use our character for Him? Why must we become so flowery? My whole goal in life is to make others happy and feel important, and in that, shine the love of God to them. I don’t want to be preachy in what I say, because it doesn’t get anything across. In the end, those who use Godspeak are just trying to make themselves look good.

A Look Into This Week

Forgive me if this post gets too long, but I really need to vent over something that’s been happening for the last week.

So, as most of you know, I have a Tumblr account, where I reblog stuff, write my own posts, and post up some of my art. It’s a really fun place, and I’ve met some amazing people, joined one of the best squads on the Internet, and literally spent hours through the night just having a blast with everyone online. It’s a place where I can just relax and have a good time without much worry.

That hasn’t been the case this week though. While my friends and I are still having fun with one another online, we’re receiving very rude hate, both off anonymous and on. This isn’t just the ‘Man, your blog sucks’ hate, this is the ‘you’re wrong that you believe in this thing and you’re a horrible person” hate. For the very first time since I had joined Tumblr back in 2015, I received some very vulgar comments, not about me, but about my faith.

I wasn’t the only one to receive this though. Almost the whole entire squad (minus like 3 people) also had vile, rude, horrid comments. What I had in my inbox was really bad, but I wasn’t hit as hard as some of the others. These people are literally riding the squad’s tails, questioning them, attacking them, even downright trying to irritate us. It’s report-worthy, to say the least. They call us ‘idiot Christians’, and one of them made a post saying that he had spent the whole day with us, arguing with us. Like, you were the one who decided to bombard us, isn’t that your issue, kid?

I’m very disgusted. My friends have replied with love and gentleness, and they have displayed a Christ-likeness that us very inspiring, but I’m so sick of seeing this attack’s negative crap on my dashboard. What do they think we’ll do? Be like,”Oh yes you’re so right my mind is changed now thanks.”? Yeah, right.

My testimonyYou see, I’ve never actually understood why the heck someone would want to put hate on someone’s blog. Doesn’t make them look good.  Actually, they look pretty dumb. Life’s hard enough without them making it worse for others.

I think it’s pretty obvious I was boiling angry when I received those vile, wicked comments. How dare someone speak about Jesus like that! It would’ve been different if they approached me in a more kinder, gentler, and less blasphemous way. The outcomes would be so different. And yet, they didn’t. *slow clap* Way to go dude.

As I was sitting in church today, the pastor was talking about how wickedness tries to get us to give up the faith in God. I thought that was very fitting considering all the crap that’s been happening this week. I can’t just give up because somebody is trying to be annoying and angering. Because God is in control.

The squad has said this multiple times, but this was actually a blessing in disguise. Our friendships with one another are stronger now. We’re watching one another’s backs and we’re reaching out to others.A few days ago, I decided to put up my testimony, and  I’ve gotten multiple comments from different people telling me that they were moved by it and never give up hope. And I’m not going to. I won’t be stopped. I’m not giving anyone that victory.

All in all, despite this horrible blogs that are being created just to attack the squad and me, I really feel like God has His hand on us. Not to sound flowery, of course, but I really do believe it. I’m still beyond angry, but I know that no matter what, we won’t be stopped.


Astronomy: A Testament of Truth


Ugh, I can not believe that one month went by and I hadn’t written a single blog post. Between art practice and working on collaborations and other stuff and studying and all that, I completely forgot about my blog posts. I mean, good grief, I said that was off hiatus and what happens?! I go on it again. I gravely apologize.

However, I have thought up a topic I would like to discuss, something that I have been interested in since I was a kid and am aspiring to do; astronomy. Since I was just a toddler, the sky has always interested me. The way weather worked, the colors it held when it was different parts of the day, the clouds and their formations- it all fascinated me, and it still does. The night sky is particularly interesting to me, because while the day sky is interesting and still just as pretty, the night sky reveals things you wouldn’t see when the sun was out. The stars come out, the planets orbit around space, and sometimes, you can see satellites drifting by (believe me, it’s pretty cool when you get to see one fly past.).

While astronomy testifies to God’s love and power so much, some people refuse to believe in the God that made it all. Oftentimes scientists will try to shove the Big Bang theory into people’s faces in an attempt to get them to believe in it. I’ve constantly seen it in astronomy (actually, every single astronomy book I have read will try to give an explanation for this theory.) and it’s not only apparent in these books, but also a ton of other science books.

In case you are not aware of what the Big Bang theory is, it is the belief that the universe was in just the right state that planets and stars could be created. Wikipedia gives a more detailed description:

The Big Bang theory is the prevailing cosmological model for the universe from the earliest known periods through its subsequent large-scale evolution. The model accounts for the fact that the universe expanded from a very high density and high temperature state, and offers a comprehensive explanation for a broad range of phenomena, including the abundance of light elements, the cosmic microwave background, large scale structure and Hubble’s Law. If the known laws of physics are extrapolated beyond where they have been verified, there is a singularity. Some estimates place this moment at approximately 13.8 billion years ago, which is thus considered the age of the universe. After the initial expansion, the universe cooled sufficiently to allow the formation of subatomic particles, and later simple atoms. Giant clouds of these primordial elements later coalesced through gravity to form stars and galaxies.

…..Haha, okay, that was a really detailed description of what it is, but to translate, this definition is stating that the universe reached a high density and temperature state to form basically everything we knew, from atoms to planets, and scientists estimate that this happened billions of years ago. The galaxies and stars that we see are formed from gas clouds, and this is how we came into being.

tumblr_mdhixtKoZl1rar248o1_500I will always use this argument to the day I die, but if this were true, wouldn’t a much Higher Being have to even make these gases and laws for even anything to form? Because the universe can’t create on its own; it needs someone of Greater Power to even design how it works!

This is just one reason why I disagree with the idea of the Big Bang theory as well as evolution. These theories are just ways to avoid God. They don’t want to credit Him.

For those who agree with evolution, let’s take a concept. Suppose you are a very powerful being, with an ability to create and control anything you desire. Nothing is stopping you; you can let your imagination run free, so you do! You want to create a world with creatures on it, and you want to design this world so it’s beautiful or those who live there. You love these creatures so much and you want the best for them. So you create all sorts of gorgeous things, from the skies above to the grass and colors all around.

For a while, the people are happy and content. They love you and what you have done for them. They take care of what you have placed for them, and they do it gladly. But then some start getting rebellious. To them, this is their world, and they should have the right to control it, so they start making up their own rules. They design their own forces and create large rebellions, roping others into what they believe until almost everyone is under the illusion that everything is in their control and that they created their existence. And all the while, you watch as the ones you love slowly drift away from you, breaking up what you did to protect them and show them love and support.

0e4f2cf5173b800985ef1e09a42ffe0eThis is us. We are the rebellious. We’ve cut God out of our lives, torn apart what He has done for us, and have become our own gods falsely. We create our own laws and concepts in an attempt to cut Him out of everything. We don’t want Him in our lives; we want to be all-powerful. And during our rebellion, God is watching us fade from His protection.

Evolution is one way scientists try to cut God out of everything. They want to believe something different created the universe. Man wants the credit for himself, so he’ll try anything to get it.  We see it in everyday life; people at a job where they take the credit someone else worked hard on, people on the Internet who steal art and claim it as their own or don’t even give credit at all. It’s everywhere, but it’s on an extreme level when man tries taking credit away from God.

I’m reminded of God every time I look up at the stars. Those shining beams of light and giant planets were placed in the exact right places by God. He created the pulls on the planets to allow them to stay in place, to orbit. And when I look up at the night sky, I’m reminded that God cared enough for us to let us study these miracles.  He made this sky for me, that I can marvel at His power and love for me. There is no greater love than that.

Astronomy should not be taken lightly, though it is by many scientists. But those that can look up at the sky and know that God is real, that He made this sky for us, and that He loves us and we believe in Him; those are the ones that can see that God was the One who made the universe and everything outside of it. And maybe some of us can become those astronomers that can step into the science realm speaking the truth about God and we can share His love with others. This is what our world really needs.

He Lives!


For some, Easter may be just another holiday that involves eating quite a bit and getting together with family. When thinking about Easter, we probably associate it with chicks and bunnies, colored eggs and flower. And while some of that is awesome and creative, there is one important reason Easter is what it is.

Easter is probably the most happy and memorable holiday out of all of them that I celebrate. I can recall many good memories associated with Easter, such as collecting plastic Easter eggs when I was younger and then when I became older, it was the food and company I enjoyed the most. However, there is yet another reason why I am so fond of Easter. It is the day Christ conquered the grave.

1456375bffb1dc7db220e2dc9cbc7ed3What does this mean? Well, many centuries ago, God became man and lived among other humans, During His time on earth, he healed the sick, raised the dead, and taught about God to crowds as well as making friends and gathering with others. Though some people were not too fond of Jesus, many were, and they came to know Him and accept Him.

However, on one particular night, one of Jesus’ disciples and friends, Judas, betrayed Jesus and led a group of Roman soldiers to Him to capture Him. Though His disciples tried to protect Jesus from the soldiers, Jesus willingly went with them to trial. Jesus went to multiple trials, and nobody could find fault with Him. The crowds were angry; they wanted Jesus dead, and thus, He was condemned to die on the cross, the death of a thief and robber.

However, this isn’t the end, Three days after Jesus died, two women came to His tomb to decorate it and clean it. Upon entering, they discovered that Jesus’ body was not there. An angel that was there told them that Jesus had risen! He was alive, just as He said He would be! Rejoicing, the women went to their loved ones, telling them the news.

db9c5479a308a30e6374ad80d6b452dcWhy was this necessary? Why did Jesus have to die? He could’ve stopped everything to keep Himself alive, so why did He let it happen?

Back in those days, the people were suppose to sacrifice an unblemished lamb. This would cleanse of their sins for a short time, but as soon as they sinned again, they would have to make another sacrifice. This was a continuous cycle they had to repeat, but when Jesus died, the Lamb of God, his death meant we were forgiven, and we wouldn’t have to sacrifice anything anymore, because His forgiveness was and is eternal.

This is why Easter is such a happy holiday to celebrate. Jesus’ death means life for me and everyone who accepts Him. We are all sinners, deserving of hell, but Christ has extended a gift to us if only we accept it. And this is why I love this time of year.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter! I plan on enjoying Easter lunch after church, then just hanging out. It’s been gorgeous outside the past few days! At long last, winter is gone!!

A Guide Guide to OC Creation


(All art in this post is drawn by me. Please do not steal or copy without permission. I will find you if you steal this.)

Okay, so as promised, new content is going to be filling my blog up. This week, I want to talk about something it seems that not a whole lot of people go into detail about; OC creation. I’ll do the best I can to explain it.

This week post 2

You may be wondering what an OC is. An OC stands for ‘own character’, and refers to a character someone made himself. It could be a character designed for a fan fiction, like a lot of people do, or it could be characters in your own book. Most people have at least one OC they like to do things with (roleplay, draw, write a one-shot about.), but if you don’t but want to learn how to make one, you’ve come to the right place.

OC creation doesn’t take that much time, and yet it seems like it does. What I mean by that is it takes a bit of thinking to get that character you want. You have to come up with characteristics, talent, abilities, looks, personality, etc. Sometimes people use what writers call ‘character sheets’ to refer to specifics about their OC. This is very helpful and keeps ideas in a concise order for later reference.

It may seem intimating at first, but with these steps, you’ll be creating OCs in no time! Let’s get started with the first step.

The Character’s Look

This is essential for creation of your own character. Without an appearance, people won’t really know how to picture your character and may become rather bored at the concept. Of course, we don’t want that! So how do we make the character’s outer appearance?

February drawingThe first step is to imagine what you think they may look like. Hair color and eye color are pretty important, along with the build of the character. A weak and rather skinny kid is probably not going to be lifting any heavy logs with his build, but a burly, strong man will be able to do the job. Build is important to the character because it gives them certain characteristics that will aid them in the story.

It’s also important to note what expression they have. Grumpier people will tend to scowl more, but optimistic, happy characters usually appear pleasant. The grumpy person can look pleasant, of course, but they’re masking what they are feeling, which can be a good trait for characters who try to hide their real selves away from the world.

The Character’s Personality

Pic1 - CopyPersonality is also key for a character. It helps viewers and readers dive more into what these characters are like and also helps them relate to the character. Whether angry, happy, optimistic, or depressed, this encourages more life into your character.

One thing that really helped me expand on my OCs’ personality is taking this quiz from my character’s perspective. Personality types really do help other people understand people better, and while some people may not fit into a certain personality type, it really does help get an idea for what they may be like.

It also helps to watch other people’s character, whether it’s on TV or in real life. Trust me, this works wonders! Most screen writers know what they’re doing when designing their character.

The Character’s Intentions and Ambitions

Think about it. We’re all kind of aiming ourselves towards a particular ambition we have. It doesn’t matter what it is; we all have that one dream we want to be fulfilled one day.

So does the OC! The character wants something fulfilled of their own, whether it’s a dream they have or something they want to see happen. Does your character have that get-rick scheme? They’re aiming to be rich, and quickly, so they may collect a bunch of ideas they have in order to get that to happen. What about that female character who wants to get the attention of her crush? She may try different things to impress him.

Edris sketchYou could also have those ambition-less characters. Stella is almost one of these types of people; doing what she wants without really having an objective. You could have a character like that, but make sure it works for the character’s personality. One of those characters who is driven towards goals is not going to be ambition-less.

Intentions are important, too. Intentions mean that once something is fulfilled, what they’re going to be doing with it. Some people’s intentions is strictly revenge, for others, it’s just to grab the attention of someone they admire. Personalities do play a key role in character development, so make sure ambitions and intentions match up to them.

The Character’s Role

Role is such an important part of the character. Just like people in the real world have an important role, so does your character. Are they the villain, or are they the protagonist. Is she the side character, or is she just that one character that helps the protagonist get back on her feet?

Jobs of the character could also be a role. For one of my characters, Remus, his role is like that of a scientist or chemist. He works with science quite a bit, so his job leans more towards the chemist side of things.


Of course, any job can be picked, since there are so many different options out there. The jobs the characters do will have an effect on them in many different ways and may strengthen or weaken their character, so it’s important to add that to your OC.


Well, that’s pretty much all you need to know to build your OC! The rest is up to you! Relationships, the world they live in, the clothes they wear-it’s all up to you! And if you get frustrated with yourself, look up some OC building helps! Masterposts of OC creation is out and rally can help you expand on your character! Remember to have fun while doing it!

Thanks for reading! If there is a topic you want me to consider writing about, feel free to comment under one of my posts! Feedback is very much appreciated!

Have a great weekend!

Hiatus No More!

Hello, everyone! I’m very sorry for the lack of posts for a while. Life has been slightly busy and I have been working on some new projects, but fear not! More blog posts are on the way, and you won’t want to miss them!

And as always, I appreciate feedback! Whether it’s comments or suggestions, I am grateful for all of them! Thank you to the readers who have stuck with me and this blog!

Here are some of the posts you can expect to see:

  • The Complete Guide to OC Creation
  • Cinder: The Lunar Chronicles Review
  • My Faith and Beliefs
  • A White Collar Review

This blog is no longer on expected hiatus; I’m up and ready with more topics!


Dove’s 2015 Recap


This year has been so exciting and fun for me! There has been so many new opportunities and experiences I have been able to be a part of, and in many ways, I never really thought of doing. Even though it seems like the start of 2015 was only just about a month ago, it’s been an outstanding year! So, in celebration of the past year, here are some experiences I have had in 2015!

On April 11, this website was up and running with my very first post titled The Hobbit movies! After researching websites and blogging for a long while, I started this site to see how I would like blogging, and I enjoyed it so much, I kept going! With this blog, I’ve been able to delve into many topics I had never really thought much on, but it allowed me to research and come up with ideas. Shows and movies have been reviewed, advice and tips of writing and poetry have been blogged about, and my own personal beliefs and faith have been expressed here. Running a blog has been really fun!

IMG_1282 - CopyLater, around June, I began Tumblr, a very popular site where you can blog text posts, pictures, and lots of other stuff. I didn’t quite expect to start that site either, and I had no clue what I was getting into when I jumped on, but it’s been a fun site! Though liberal beliefs and just some weird stuff can be found on it, I have met some really awesome people and have sparked some friendships with them along with getting to know some people even better. The impure beliefs of the site really incense me at times (and almost caused me to get off.), but I have found that this site is also a great way to encourage and support, plus, there can be some really funny things on there. Yeah, I honestly didn’t expect as many memes and such on there, nor did I expect the insane amounts of hilarious videos and text posts, but if you can’t beat them, join them, and I think that’s probably what ended up happening with me!

July was an utter blast! The Fourth of July was definitely a highlight of mine! The fireworks shooting off all over outside, the sense of pride in the country, and the utter joy so many people had was super fun! Also, I got to participate in acting experiences I will never forget, and I came away from it with much learned and new people met!

IMG_0568The rest of the months seemed to sort of fly by. During those months, I  read some new books, studied constellations and where they were in the sky, discover the chemistry and make up of objects, and all-in-all, just quite a bit of learning about some of my favorite hobbies!

Quite frankly, I’ve learned quite a bit this year, but not just in science. I’ve found that especially this year, I have learned about reaching to others and the power of impacting them. I have met quite a few people, both online and offline, that have really made me realize that there are many ways to spread Christ to others, not just by mission fields, but by sitting at your home and just talking to someone online who may need support, encouragement, and love. There are many different ways of showing the power of Christ! I’ve found that so incredible!

That’s the main reason why I am online. Although I am on there to have fun, I am also there to shine Christ. Sometimes the Internet really makes me angry. People can hide behind anonymous asks and try to hurt others through their words, all the while trying to shove their beliefs into others’ faces. I have seen that happen to numerous Christians, where they are constantly getting messages that argue with them, calling them names and just being plain nasty, but there is one thing I have noticed about these Christians.

e4749bed38e15aebf7bc8a20d7ccb191 - CopyThey get right back up.

That’s right! Even though others want to bring them down, they’re still there, shining Christ through their responses and posts! It’s awesome to see that these people don’t care about the mockers; they want to spread the love of God no matter what the cost!

That is the main lesson I have learned this year! So many exciting things have happened to me! I have met some really cool people, have gotten to have some incredible experiences, and have participated in many fun things! I couldn’t ask for better!

As 2016 approaches, I have many new goals, along with some I still want to continue! New years bring new events and adventures, and I am ready to begin more new experiences. Though I don’t really have a resolution for the New Year, my goal is to be able to show Christ to those around me and stay optimistic in times of trouble!

52add297eebf551a4cfa4a722ddfd178I want to give a load of thanks to the following:

To my parents, for encouraging me and supporting me as I do everything! Though sometimes things may be boring to me, or sometimes it seems extremely dull, they know how to make everything fun! I am truly blessed to have great parents.

To my brother, for giving me laughs. He always has some sort of trick up his sleeve to make someone smile. I appreciate him and everything he does!

To Angela, for the constant jokes we seem to crack at each other and for her encouragement and support she has given me! Her optimism is really inspirational, and I am very glad we’ve gotten to know one another better this year!

To my friends at church, for sticking up for me and letting me geek out at some things! I can’t tell how many times we’ve launched into a conversation about Twenty One Pilots or Harry Potter, but I appreciate them immensely!

For the people I’ve just gotten to meet online this year! I’ve been on Tumblr less than a year but have already gotten to know lots of cool people! Wow, they are cool. Did I mention they are cool?

Thanks to everyone for a year filled with exciting and thrilling adventures!


Why I Say, “Merry Christmas!”


Only a few more days before Christmas! The lights have been strung around houses, Christmas parties are being hosted, stores are jammed with people shopping for gifts, and songs are being listened to and sung! Christmas is one of those times of year when you sometimes feel like you’re really a part of something special-something brilliantly wonderful!

And another thing constantly getting played over and over again are Christmas commercials. They are everywhere! Modern-day Christmas songs are being played in the background of car commercials, Santa is displayed reading over lists, and deals are going on! They always say the same thing, too; “happy holidays.”

Back when I remember the term ‘happy holidays”, it really referred to both Christmas and New Year, which I was good with! There’s nothing wrong with that, but these days, that’s not the main reason why it’s being said anymore. “Happy holidays” is now a term of saying “Merry Christmas” without actually saying it and offending someone, because mentioning the name of Christ to other religions is offensive and wrong.

tumblr_nya0xlEsM41uxlydeo1_1280This makes me go, “(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻.” Okay, seriously? You’re going to tell me that saying the word Christmas is offensive, and yet other things are okay?

Why is saying the word ‘Christmas’ offensive to people? Because of the name ‘Christ’ in it. Nonbelievers of Jesus are offended over the fact that this name is being used. In order to not get bashed for using this title, companies have avoided using it and are now saying ‘xmas’ and ‘happy holidays’ in order to please the public.

Christmas is an important word to me, though! The word has so much meaning, and it means so much to me. It’s not just a title or a word to me; it tells a story, and an important one at that, because long ago, a special child was born on a glorious night!

A young woman by the name of Mary was visited by an angel one day, and she was told she would bear a son, and they would name Him Jesus. Although Mary was a virgin, God had blessed her with this little baby, and a few months later, it was time for that special night to begin.

tumblr_nxey2qiUrk1soh8kao5_540Jesus was indeed born, and a brilliantly-shining star, placed by God, shone above the stable in which Jesus was born, announcing the arrival of Him to the world. Many people, such as wise men and shepherds, saw the star and followed it to the stable, where they saw with their own eyes the Messiah. The offered Him gifts and praised the Lord for this long-awaited Messiah. Throughout Jesus’ life, he would heal the sick and broken, teach to those He was around, and later in His life, die on the cross for the sins of the world. Whatever Jesus did, it was out of love for His creation.

People do not want to hear about this miracle, though. Instead, the become offended over it, and they want Jesus obscured from their view. They cover it up with worldly objects and stories and soon forget about the true meaning of Christmas.

Why do I say ‘Merry Christmas’ then? Because I want Christ to shine through everything said and done, and I want nothing obscured having to do with Him.  I want people to be able to hear about Christ so that they can come to know Him as their Savior and be with Him forever, where there will be no pain and no suffering.

So as we delve into another year of Christmas, remember that Christmas isn’t about gifts-it’s about the Gift, Jesus!

Have a very merry Christmas!!!!


Thanksgiving- Truly a Time of Thankfulness


Thanksgiving is probably one of the most celebrated (besides Christmas) holidays of the year, where friends, family, and a whole lot of food are gathered around the table with an air of happiness, bonding, and most importantly, thankfulness. It is a time when those we have not seen in a while, and those we have, are gathered into one area, where they can meet with one another and show love, support, and care for those they meet, but Thanksgiving isn’t only just about all of that.

Long ago, back in November of 1620, a ship called the Mayflower landed on a land unknown to its passengers, the Pilgrims. This New World was indeed very new to these people, who were trying to escape persecution and the laws of their homeland, and they longed to build their own community, where they could create a place to worship God freely and be able to give themselves and their descendants a place for them. Although these travelers knew nothing about how to find food, a kind Native American by the name of Squanto showed them how to fish, plant, and make a living off the earth. With his help, the knowledge of this new land, later to be named America, spread, and during harvesting time, the Pilgrims and the Native Americans gathered together and gave thanked to God for what He gave them.

Today, we still celebrate this important time in history. Without God’s guidance, the Pilgrims would never have found America, have the ability to live off their land, or be able to prosper like they did. America is one of the most populated and prosperous nation of the world, and without God, we would have never been able to find America. God’s power and care was shown through the Pilgrim’s journey.

As I think over the many joys and events of my life, I am thankful for many things. I am thankful for my parents, who love, care, and teach me ways that will help me throughout my life. They are truly an inspiration to me, and for both of them, I am thankful. I am thankful for my brother, for his constant optimism and support. Without him, I’d be lonely and a bit bored. I’m thankful for all my grandparents, who also encourage me and route me on! I am thankful for my friends, both on the Internet and in real life, who have been such a support to me and have shined Christ to me through their actions, words, and behavior. I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am that God has allowed me to meet them!

I am also thankful for the many things given to me. I am thankful for my brilliant Border Collie, Chloe, for the talents and knowledge God has allowed me to work for, and for life itself! Life is truly good!

Thanksgiving isn’t just a holiday that precedes Christmas, then. It’s a time when we reflect on our ancestors, what happened during that time, and most importantly, Who helped them on that journey that would change a lifetime. As family and friends come together to remember this special time for America, I will be reflecting on the many things I am thankful for.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone! Enjoy your family and friends as well as your food! (I will certainly be enjoying it!)