Inspirational Compilation


This week, I don’t really have any book or movie reviews, so I will go over some of this week’s inspirational song lyrics and poems. If anyone at all has a suggestion for what I should write about next or for another oncoming post, comment below on one of my posts!

So this week, I ran into a bunch of inspirational quotes and lyrics on Pinterest, which really inspired me for some of my writing and poetry. Usually, I just run into them randomly, which is actually quite funny because I am always trying to look for some but never see any particularly appealing. Sometimes I’ll get hooked to a song for hours, and that’s when I discover some pretty good lines in them that may inspire me. Here are a few I found this week:


1. I ran into this one by total accident the other day. All of a sudden, this is a recommended pin on my feed, but I soon remembered that this is one of my favorite lines from a Mumford and Songs. I liked the fact that they mentioned using their head with their heart because both are important. It’s using logic and feeling to grasp onto the situation. I really found that interesting.


2. Too often we found ourselves hating and complaining about things in our lives, but what good does it do really? This short poem explains that we should love what loves us but hate exhausts us, and there’s no reason we should hate for no reason. Loving something is so much more calming and relaxing than complaints and hate.


3. I’ve found myself listening to ‘Rather Be’ by Clean Bandit on repeat this week, and I really have no idea why. Maybe it’s because of the positivity in the song, plus it has a nice tune. This line in the song is especially positive, because it talks about going through a rough experience but not breaking from it.


4. I really wish I knew who wrote this because it’s so true! Half truth is the same as lying, because the whole story is being stated and only part of it is being said. Noone reads and writes half a story, because what happened to the other half? It might as well be a lie if not everything is being told.


5. This actually reminded me of one of my characters from my book I am writing. She’s a bit of a dreamer even though she’s basically seen everything. When I saw this quote, it was an inspiration for my writing.


6. Yes, I had to add this! I like the truth in it though. Hanging out with the wrong people (the crows) will confuse ourselves and cause us to become like them. This doesn’t mean all crows are evil (though they are usually the bad guy’s pet in movies) but the main point is that who we hang out with will influence us, which is why it’s important to choose our friends carefully.

And there you have it folks; some of the main quotes and lyrics of this week! There are a ton more that I found (you can check out my ‘ Quotes and Lyrics’ board on my Pinterest account (see ‘About This Blog’ for the link.)) but those are the ones I found touching, important, and true.

Have a wonderful weekend!



Even If It Doesn’t Rhyme


I’m coming up to exactly one year of writing poetry, and it’s been quite an interesting hobby for me. It’s made me see life in forms I never thought of before, it helped me think more creatively, and it really gave me inspiration for some of my books. I haven’t done many poetry posts here, so without further ado, I give you one of the most important aspects in poetry; how to write it!

Most people assume poetry is a flowery way to rhyme words to convey an emotion. Poets such as Longfellow, Poe, and Frost are some people we learn about in school. We memorize their works, we do biographies on them, we mention them in maybe a good line we find inspirational. Poetry to me is so much more. Poetry explains emotions when even the most complex words can’t.

How do we write poetry? It’s not exactly a simple task, let me tell you. Words have to flow, lines have to make sense, just the whole thing really needs to convey meaning. And it doesn’t even have to go off of rhymes. Some poets write brilliant works of poetry without using a single rhyme, and they’d never need to anyway. Just like on a painting, even the simplest of lines creates a beautiful masterpiece, and in writing and reading poetry,even the most simple words make the whole poem.

First of all, when I work on a poem, I search for the emotion. Is this a sad poem, trying to convey the feeling of helplessness or sorrow? Maybe it’s a nostalgic poem, one that remembers the happiest moments of life. Maybe it’s a dark poem about the anger and mixed emotions over losing someone dear to them. Whatever it is, it is important to find a certain emotion to give the poem a sense of meaning.

Next, once you find the emotion, it’s important to look for words that explain it. For instance, let’s look at one of my favorite poems:


This poem gives a sense that the person they left after they have died is rather sorrowful, and this is a way for the dead person to give comfort. The words in this poem rhyme, but not only that, they give meaning. They do not sleep, but they are tiny fragments of memory.

Let’s look over a poem that doesn’t rhyme:


Such poems, even though they do not have rhyming syllables, have meaning in simple words that will silently tell what the true meaning is. This is the art of poetry.

While poetry will remain to some as just some lost art, others are working to pick up on it- people like me. It’s not a lost art, it’s one that needs rediscovered, something that will remain powerful without trying to be powerful. Without the use of words, our feelings would never be spoken of, and poetry releases those emotions into a beautiful statement using only even the unpretentious words

This Week’s Inspiration


Recently, I did a blog post on a few quotes, songs, and poems that inspired me in my writing. I find that reading these kind of things really motivates me and it spurs new ideas for my books and poetry as well as providing truth and facts about life today. Poetry is one of my passions, so whenever I discover something new that I enjoy, I tend to research more about it.

For this week, I found many poems that inspired me greatly. I pin quite a few poems and such to my Quotes and Lyrics board on Pinterest, so I will have to choose just a few that I really enjoyed. That may be a tough one.


I have never heard of this word until the other day when I saw it on Pinterest. I think it has so much positive meaning. It’s a belief that humans can get better, they can improve everything around them including themselves. I think it’s beautiful that a word like this, even if is just a word, can mean so much in just a few simple English letters.


This sentence right here says it all. Noone knows the weight they have been carrying until it is taken off, and then their eyes are opened and they see things in a whole new light. I find this quote extremely powerful because I can relate to it somewhat. I have never thought of that in words until I read this quote from The Scarlet Letter.


This is a quote from the poem ‘Mad Girl’s Love Song’ by Sylvia Plath. The poem talks about how the world disappeared in the blink of an eye, and how the writer forgot the name of the person who was suppose to come back for them.  The emotions and feelings put on display are dramatic and yet at the same time romantic.


This is another Sylvia Plath poem I found. I was looking up different Plath poetry on Pinterest when I ran into this, and it just struck me. It almost deserves its own story.


I really like the subtle meaning in this quote. People always draw different parts of us out, which is why we must be careful of the company we keep. Different kinds of people remake us into new people continually.


I really love the detailing in this. The idea of using slightly personification is really amazing in the idea of making the girl’s heart the storm. I really enjoy storms, anyway.

And that is this week’s inspiration. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!

Inspirational Poetry

The other day, I sent in a poem I made for a nationwide poetry contest, and one of the things that got me thinking is,”What inspires me to write poetry?” Inspiration is one of the main processes of poetry, so I decided to along the topics of what inspires us to create poetry and stories. Here are some inspirational poems I found:


This is amazing to me! This poem expresses the one feeling we have all throughout our life: pain. The fact that we experience pain every day and still have the ability to function is incredible. It’s not that we’re broken,  it’s the fact we can still go on in our lives!


I see a lot of Victor Hugo poems on Pinterest, but this one really caught my eye. The darkest moments in our life do not last forever; brighter days are ahead of us and we can look forward to a bright future.

Sometimes my inspiration does not come from others’ poetry at all: It comes from quotes. I can expand on what I feel with just a simple concept of a few words molded into something I have experienced.


This is very true. You can’t give up everything in your life to make others happy. They have to give to you as well. It goes both ways, and is never one-sided.


This evokes thought in me, and for a minute, I had to sit back and ponder over this. We don’t really know people, we just know what we remember, and that seems pretty deep.

Some of my poetry comes from the inspiration of music even. I listen to music every day. It helps me think and relax as well as bringing ideas to my head for my books and poetry.



This quote is from the song “I Don’t Care” by Fall Out Boy, one of my favorite bands. The optimistic view of “the best of us find happiness in misery” is so very true. If we’re down just because something bad happened to us that day, then we’re tearing ourselves down. It only hurts us.



Selena Gomez has created one of my favorite songs called “The Heart Wants What It Wants.” The song is so true in many aspects, and in other ways, it is not. A sort of a paradox, if you ask me.


This quote right here inspired me to create a series I am working on at the moment. From Imagine Dragons, tilted “Battle Cry”, this song is about a battle going on, and the emotions during it. Emotion is important in poetry, as it expresses some feelings buried inside us that we hide from the world.

So those are just a few quotes, songs, and poems that inspire me. There are many other inspirations I get, some from my own experiences, some from what I see in people, and some I have watched throughout the years I have lived.

Have a great week, everyone!

What Is Poetry?


Poetry is basically like painting a picture, only with words. Some create poetry out of their experiences, some create poetry out of ideas, or even some people create poetry based on what they see, but poetry comes from the person’s heart and mind.

One of the things I love about poetry is that feelings and opinions can be expressed through detailed words. Poetry does not have to rhyme, as some people think. Here’s a look at what the dictionary defines poetry as:

“Literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm; poems collectively or as a genre of literature.”

If you didn’t understand what they meant, basically the definition says that poetry gives a sense of style and rhythm (not a rhyme, just a certain style.) and makes a person feel some way. And  feelings are indeed expressed through just a few simple words. That is the amazing part about it! Just a few words and something creative is made!


But why is poetry so appealing to people these days? There aren’t a whole lot of ways to express feelings on paper. Paintings express a visual concept of what the person feels through detailed designs and colors, and writing gives us a sense of morals as we write about a certain character’s idea of something. (For example, Sara feels like society is superficial because they only look at outer appearances. This happened shortly after a student pointed out that her outfit was not as modern as it should be.) Writing is a way of telling our readers indirectly what we feel about a topic. This is not always the case, but I find the characters I create have thought processes and feelings similar to what I think.

Poetry, however, gives us a visual using words that depicts an idea the poet or author thinks of as right or wrong. For example, here is a bit of Longfellow’s work that depicts feeling:



Here Longfellow expresses the fact that it is humankind’s nature to assume arrogance when a person comes across as silent, when in reality this person is secretly carrying a burden that may force him to become that way. Poetry represents the feelings we see others go through or what we feel ourselves during a time in our life. And one of the best parts of this is that we can relate to themes of poetry, and this here is why I find this certain form of writing so appealing myself.

Have a great week!