Upcoming Blog Post Soon!

Hi guys, Dove here! It’s been three months since I’ve written my last blog post, Godspeak, but I’m working on another project that’s very personal and yet so important to me! I’m doing a lot of research and have thought thoroughly about this topic, so I’m putting my heart into this one! I hope you’ll enjoy it when I post it soon!

As most of you know, Harry Potter is a very dear book to me. I’ve been a fan for now around three years and each time I pick up these books, I fall in love with the worlds J.K. Rowling has built, as well as the beloved characters we follow through the whole series! Harry Potter has taught me a lot of unconscious lessons that have inspired me!

However, I know a lot of people dislike Harry Potter greatly, and y’all might be judging me a little because I do read these books. That’s okay, I respect your opinions, but this next blog is going to be not about why you SHOULD NOT read Harry Potter, but why it’s beneficial! Many of the things we are told about Harry Potter, whether it be about the magic involved or the sorcery going on, are not true or fall under what the Bible says, so in this next post, I’m going to uncover what those might be! I hope you take the time to read my post and not blow if off, because I think it’s important we get a better grasp on what these books are REALLY about.

Alright, well with that, I’ll just say I’m really looking forward to sharing my thoughts and research with you guys! Stay tuned for more!!!

Summer Is Done, Fall Has Come


Since the beginning of creating this blog, I’ve had the chance to delve into topics I had never really thought about. From my very first blog post,’The Hobbit Movies’ to the latest post, ‘An Organization Guide for the Struggling, I’ve gotten to expand on opinions of books and movies, giving tips for writing and poetry, and share some of my latest inspirations. It’s been a great few months!

This month, though, I will not be posting anything for about a month. This will give me a chance to write on some new topics and catch up on some posts so I can create some new ideas! Don’t worry, though, I’m planning on coming back around August 28, so when that date comes, you’ll see some new book and movie reviews, more writing tips and advice, and other stuff!

I want to thank everyone who read through my posts and visited my site. I didn’t really imagine that anyone would read this, but I was proved wrong. Your visits, comments, basically anything you do on here mean a ton to me, so on account of everything that has happened in the past four months, thank you!

Hold on, ladies and gentleman, there’s another wave of topics coming soon!

See you on August 28!