Inspirational Poetry

The other day, I sent in a poem I made for a nationwide poetry contest, and one of the things that got me thinking is,”What inspires me to write poetry?” Inspiration is one of the main processes of poetry, so I decided to along the topics of what inspires us to create poetry and stories. Here are some inspirational poems I found:


This is amazing to me! This poem expresses the one feeling we have all throughout our life: pain. The fact that we experience pain every day and still have the ability to function is incredible. It’s not that we’re broken,  it’s the fact we can still go on in our lives!


I see a lot of Victor Hugo poems on Pinterest, but this one really caught my eye. The darkest moments in our life do not last forever; brighter days are ahead of us and we can look forward to a bright future.

Sometimes my inspiration does not come from others’ poetry at all: It comes from quotes. I can expand on what I feel with just a simple concept of a few words molded into something I have experienced.


This is very true. You can’t give up everything in your life to make others happy. They have to give to you as well. It goes both ways, and is never one-sided.


This evokes thought in me, and for a minute, I had to sit back and ponder over this. We don’t really know people, we just know what we remember, and that seems pretty deep.

Some of my poetry comes from the inspiration of music even. I listen to music every day. It helps me think and relax as well as bringing ideas to my head for my books and poetry.



This quote is from the song “I Don’t Care” by Fall Out Boy, one of my favorite bands. The optimistic view of “the best of us find happiness in misery” is so very true. If we’re down just because something bad happened to us that day, then we’re tearing ourselves down. It only hurts us.



Selena Gomez has created one of my favorite songs called “The Heart Wants What It Wants.” The song is so true in many aspects, and in other ways, it is not. A sort of a paradox, if you ask me.


This quote right here inspired me to create a series I am working on at the moment. From Imagine Dragons, tilted “Battle Cry”, this song is about a battle going on, and the emotions during it. Emotion is important in poetry, as it expresses some feelings buried inside us that we hide from the world.

So those are just a few quotes, songs, and poems that inspire me. There are many other inspirations I get, some from my own experiences, some from what I see in people, and some I have watched throughout the years I have lived.

Have a great week, everyone!