Doctor Who


What’s that one show that you here about all the time, has a very blue telephone box, and a man you think is his name in the title? If you guessed Doctor Who, then you are right!

So what is this show called Doctor Who about? You hear about everywhere indeed, whether by word-of-mouth or the internet (Tumblr loves to talk about Doctor Who.) and you wonder,”What’s really so great about this show after all?” Well, today I’ll be explaining why this show is truly a work of art in the science fiction world. (Or even beyond.)

The show is about a man who calls himself ‘The Doctor’, and he travels in a phone box called the TARDIS (Abbreviation for Time and Relative Dimension In Space. See why it’s abbreviated?) This traveling phone box is not what it appears to be, though, nor is the man what he appears to look like. In reality, the TARDIS is a time machine and the Doctor is actually an alien from the lost planet Gallifrey. Along the way, during his travels, he picks up some interesting and curious companions, who, in the end, soothe his loneliness.

Surprisingly, this show is not new. Doctor Who has been aired since 1963, which means the actors keep changing in this show.  Steven Moffat, the man behind Sherlock (beside Mark Gatiss) and a number of other shows, picked up this show and began airing more episodes featuring the Ninth Doctor (Acted by Christopher Eccleston.), the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant.), the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith), and the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi). Each Doctor regenerates, so it makes it easy to keep the show going.


I will admit, I was hesitant to start watching this show. The internet had been raging about this, and I wondered myself,”Why is this show so good that people need to rant and rave over it?” One night, my family and I decided to start the first episode featuring Nine, and I was fascinated with it from then on, eventually getting even my sibling into it.

One of my favorite Doctors…..well, that’s a hard one. Today I started the first episode with Eleven, and I think he’s my favorite so far, but Ten is pretty cool too. Each season is different in Doctor Who, and you never know who is going to die, so after a while you kind of just expect something is going to happen. Which is why it is dangerous to get emotionally attached to characters!

So that’s my review on the fan-favorite Doctor Who. This show is a thumbs up, and take it from a person who was hesitant to start the show, it really deserves a watch. I am admittedly a Whovian, after all!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!


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