Dove’s 2015 Recap


This year has been so exciting and fun for me! There has been so many new opportunities and experiences I have been able to be a part of, and in many ways, I never really thought of doing. Even though it seems like the start of 2015 was only just about a month ago, it’s been an outstanding year! So, in celebration of the past year, here are some experiences I have had in 2015!

On April 11, this website was up and running with my very first post titled The Hobbit movies! After researching websites and blogging for a long while, I started this site to see how I would like blogging, and I enjoyed it so much, I kept going! With this blog, I’ve been able to delve into many topics I had never really thought much on, but it allowed me to research and come up with ideas. Shows and movies have been reviewed, advice and tips of writing and poetry have been blogged about, and my own personal beliefs and faith have been expressed here. Running a blog has been really fun!

IMG_1282 - CopyLater, around June, I began Tumblr, a very popular site where you can blog text posts, pictures, and lots of other stuff. I didn’t quite expect to start that site either, and I had no clue what I was getting into when I jumped on, but it’s been a fun site! Though liberal beliefs and just some weird stuff can be found on it, I have met some really awesome people and have sparked some friendships with them along with getting to know some people even better. The impure beliefs of the site really incense me at times (and almost caused me to get off.), but I have found that this site is also a great way to encourage and support, plus, there can be some really funny things on there. Yeah, I honestly didn’t expect as many memes and such on there, nor did I expect the insane amounts of hilarious videos and text posts, but if you can’t beat them, join them, and I think that’s probably what ended up happening with me!

July was an utter blast! The Fourth of July was definitely a highlight of mine! The fireworks shooting off all over outside, the sense of pride in the country, and the utter joy so many people had was super fun! Also, I got to participate in acting experiences I will never forget, and I came away from it with much learned and new people met!

IMG_0568The rest of the months seemed to sort of fly by. During those months, I  read some new books, studied constellations and where they were in the sky, discover the chemistry and make up of objects, and all-in-all, just quite a bit of learning about some of my favorite hobbies!

Quite frankly, I’ve learned quite a bit this year, but not just in science. I’ve found that especially this year, I have learned about reaching to others and the power of impacting them. I have met quite a few people, both online and offline, that have really made me realize that there are many ways to spread Christ to others, not just by mission fields, but by sitting at your home and just talking to someone online who may need support, encouragement, and love. There are many different ways of showing the power of Christ! I’ve found that so incredible!

That’s the main reason why I am online. Although I am on there to have fun, I am also there to shine Christ. Sometimes the Internet really makes me angry. People can hide behind anonymous asks and try to hurt others through their words, all the while trying to shove their beliefs into others’ faces. I have seen that happen to numerous Christians, where they are constantly getting messages that argue with them, calling them names and just being plain nasty, but there is one thing I have noticed about these Christians.

e4749bed38e15aebf7bc8a20d7ccb191 - CopyThey get right back up.

That’s right! Even though others want to bring them down, they’re still there, shining Christ through their responses and posts! It’s awesome to see that these people don’t care about the mockers; they want to spread the love of God no matter what the cost!

That is the main lesson I have learned this year! So many exciting things have happened to me! I have met some really cool people, have gotten to have some incredible experiences, and have participated in many fun things! I couldn’t ask for better!

As 2016 approaches, I have many new goals, along with some I still want to continue! New years bring new events and adventures, and I am ready to begin more new experiences. Though I don’t really have a resolution for the New Year, my goal is to be able to show Christ to those around me and stay optimistic in times of trouble!

52add297eebf551a4cfa4a722ddfd178I want to give a load of thanks to the following:

To my parents, for encouraging me and supporting me as I do everything! Though sometimes things may be boring to me, or sometimes it seems extremely dull, they know how to make everything fun! I am truly blessed to have great parents.

To my brother, for giving me laughs. He always has some sort of trick up his sleeve to make someone smile. I appreciate him and everything he does!

To Angela, for the constant jokes we seem to crack at each other and for her encouragement and support she has given me! Her optimism is really inspirational, and I am very glad we’ve gotten to know one another better this year!

To my friends at church, for sticking up for me and letting me geek out at some things! I can’t tell how many times we’ve launched into a conversation about Twenty One Pilots or Harry Potter, but I appreciate them immensely!

For the people I’ve just gotten to meet online this year! I’ve been on Tumblr less than a year but have already gotten to know lots of cool people! Wow, they are cool. Did I mention they are cool?

Thanks to everyone for a year filled with exciting and thrilling adventures!


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