Dove’s Question and Answer Week!


Hey! This week, I decided to have a bit of a Q&A for my blog, so I asked my followers on Tumblr if they had any questions this week! I want to give a huge thank you to girlinblackconverse, youvegothatonering, coolguitargirl, and anonymous for sending me questions! You guys are awesome!


Favorite color/colors and why? 

I’ve been trying to figure this out for some time, but I think I have it. As a child, I loved lilac purple, and I think it’s just stuck with me throughout the years. Blue is also one of my favorites, as it represents some of the different colors of blue in the sky.


Have you ever been to a concert? If so who? 

I have been to a Clay Aiken concert and the Getty’s concert, which was hosted at a  church. Hopefully in the near future, I will also be able to see Twenty One Pilots!


What is your all time favorite song?

I really enjoy the song ‘What I Believe’ by Skillet! Fantastic song with a cool message!


If you could transport to any fictional world, which one would you travel to?

Probably Middle Earth! I would fit right in with those Hobbits!


Do you prefer dogs or cats, and why?

I enjoy both animals immensely. I have always liked cats, but dogs are just lovable creatures!


Are you a closet fan of anything?

I’m pretty outspoken about what I enjoy, so there is not a whole lot of things I do not like to talk about. Everyone pretty much knows what all of my favorite movies and shows are.


What is your all time favorite band?

Impossible to choose! Maybe Twenty One Pilots, but I can’t leave Paramore, Fall Out Boy, and Skillet out!


What is your favorite number? 

I have always liked the number 2. Don’t ask why; it’s just fun to say.


What is your favorite actor or actress?

This one is a rather hard one for me, but I think it’s probably Karen Gillan. She’s a rather funny person, and sometimes she’s a bit awkward, but she knows how to pull it off as a bit of a joke. That’s admirable to me!


What is your favorite thing about blogging?

I think my favorite part is being able to witness about Christ through my words. I think that’s the coolest part about the Internet, actually.


What is something you really want to write about on your blog, but haven’t done yet?

Eventually, I’d like to do reviews on the different series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but I think I’d also like to do some more of the Free! anime.


Why did you start blogging?

When I first came up with the idea that I wanted to do a blog, I was thinking along the lines of doing honest entertainment (such as movies and TV) reviews, but I think the true reason I have blogged is to witness about Christ through what I write. I may not get a chance to see the people that I meet online, but perhaps I can speak about Christ through what I blog about.


Do you have any goals in blogging?

This is a good question, and I’m not really quite sure yet. I guess what I want is this: if a person is having trouble trying to find a show or movie appropriate for them or their children, or they’re looking for a different view on a topic, they may find my blog. And if they find it, I want to be able to tell them honest answers about my views. They don’t have to agree with them, of course, but, by God’s will, maybe it might be a witness to them.


Do you write blog stuff when you feel like it, i.e. also, not in a steady way, or do you have a schedule with blogging?

Usually I have a schedule, which ranges from Friday to Sunday. When I first started out, it was more of a when-I-felt-like-it schedule, just so I could get some more posts up on the newly created site, but I try to stay consistent, although that doesn’t always happen.


How do you usually make your posts? What process do you enjoy the most for the post’s outcome?

Well, typically I like to start planning a topic to write about around Monday or so. That day, or the day after, I begin writing out some of my thoughts on the topic. Around Friday and Saturday, I then finish it, add in some interesting pictures, then I choose a category and post it. My favorite part has to be choosing the pictures for the post. I’m always trying to find the best one I can find!


Thanks for all the questions everyone! Man, I really appreciate it! It’s been a fun week!

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Dove’s Question and Answer Week!

  1. Oooh! 😀 I love the idea of TMNT reviews/etc, I always have so much to rant about lol, I’d love to see some of that!
    And Free! is amazing, there is always something there! 🙂
    Nice post! Its fun answering questions, eh? 😀

  2. Yep! It was lots of fun and I appreciate all the questions given! I’m looking forward to making TMNT reviews of the different series as reviewing some of the new Free! episodes!

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