During Writer’s Block


I would say writer’s block is one of the most frequent things that definitely occurs with me. It usually happens when I’m in the middle of a story, and then I suddenly run out of ideas. Pretty soon, I just lose interest in the whole story, and then I’m stuck with another point in writer’s block-what do I write about next?

Writer’s block is a very common thing in the writing and literary world. It’s bound to happen in an author’s writing lifetime, and this is usually the point where we have to stop and think about how we can overcome this obstacle. This is actually not as easy as it would probably seem. There have been numerous times where I’ve tried different approaches to overcoming writer’s block, from writing character sheets to trying to figure out a decent plot that I won’t lose interest in.

Recently, though, I’ve picked up a book called 300 Writing Prompts, which is kind of like a journal, only there are a ton of ideas (300, if you didn’t catch that.) ranging from writing in your diary during futuristic times, reporting on something you think would happen today, and opinions on topics. These may seem like they have nothing to do with your book, but in reality, they are everything.


What do I mean by this? Well, writing is about looking at the world from a broad-minded perspective. Writing is definitely not easy, that’s for sure, but for those gifted in the area of writing, being broad-minded is important. If you pay close enough attention, it allows you to find inspiration in movies, shows, and even in life today!

So let’s move to some ideas that may help overcome that block we writers so desperately hate:

1.Try Out Some New Books, or Reread Some of Your Favorite Ones.

This is one thing all writers should do; read. Why do I say that? Reading is good for inspiration! Writers all over find inspiration in books. As one author told me, story ideas are not new! Authors learn from one another and create storylines based on the idea they might have gotten from another book.

2. Look Up Some Ideas Off Of Pinterest.

I know, I talk about Pinterest a ton, but there’s a reason for that! Pinterest contains so many interesting inspirational tips, advice, and characters that it’s almost impossible not to get ideas off this site. It’s not just about the food recipes and fashion tips, it’s also about finding inspiration!

3. Grab A Book Designed to Help Authors With Writer’s Block

For the longest time, I had been eyeing that 300 Writing Prompts books, because it looked like a great book to help with the block. You can grab this book (there’s also a book called 500 Writing Prompts in case 300 isn’t enough.) or any other book created to give inspiration and tips.  The same thing for writing books also goes for poetry.

4. Study Your Favorite Character.

No, I don’t mean copy off him/her. Don’t ever do that! What I’m saying is find some characteristics you like from them. Are they cautious? Perky? Maybe slightly arrogant? You can pull lots of ideas from your favorite character(s) just as long as yo do not copy off everything from them! The books do say copyright, after all!

Hopefully some of these tips will help! Like I said, writer’s block is very common, so don’t panic when you realize there’s nothing to write about. (It doesn’t help, I’ve tried.) There are tons of inspirational help out there; all you need to do is look!

Also, if anyone has noticed, I have moved most of my posts to once a week now instead of twice, so as not to overwhelm anyone! Some of the setups are slightly new (like the bolding of words!) because I’ve actually been experimenting with some of the settings on my blog!

Have a lovely weekend!


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