Even If It Doesn’t Rhyme


I’m coming up to exactly one year of writing poetry, and it’s been quite an interesting hobby for me. It’s made me see life in forms I never thought of before, it helped me think more creatively, and it really gave me inspiration for some of my books. I haven’t done many poetry posts here, so without further ado, I give you one of the most important aspects in poetry; how to write it!

Most people assume poetry is a flowery way to rhyme words to convey an emotion. Poets such as Longfellow, Poe, and Frost are some people we learn about in school. We memorize their works, we do biographies on them, we mention them in maybe a good line we find inspirational. Poetry to me is so much more. Poetry explains emotions when even the most complex words can’t.

How do we write poetry? It’s not exactly a simple task, let me tell you. Words have to flow, lines have to make sense, just the whole thing really needs to convey meaning. And it doesn’t even have to go off of rhymes. Some poets write brilliant works of poetry without using a single rhyme, and they’d never need to anyway. Just like on a painting, even the simplest of lines creates a beautiful masterpiece, and in writing and reading poetry,even the most simple words make the whole poem.

First of all, when I work on a poem, I search for the emotion. Is this a sad poem, trying to convey the feeling of helplessness or sorrow? Maybe it’s a nostalgic poem, one that remembers the happiest moments of life. Maybe it’s a dark poem about the anger and mixed emotions over losing someone dear to them. Whatever it is, it is important to find a certain emotion to give the poem a sense of meaning.

Next, once you find the emotion, it’s important to look for words that explain it. For instance, let’s look at one of my favorite poems:


This poem gives a sense that the person they left after they have died is rather sorrowful, and this is a way for the dead person to give comfort. The words in this poem rhyme, but not only that, they give meaning. They do not sleep, but they are tiny fragments of memory.

Let’s look over a poem that doesn’t rhyme:


Such poems, even though they do not have rhyming syllables, have meaning in simple words that will silently tell what the true meaning is. This is the art of poetry.

While poetry will remain to some as just some lost art, others are working to pick up on it- people like me. It’s not a lost art, it’s one that needs rediscovered, something that will remain powerful without trying to be powerful. Without the use of words, our feelings would never be spoken of, and poetry releases those emotions into a beautiful statement using only even the unpretentious words

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