What is your blog about?

This is sort of an assorted blog, but a lot of what I post is entertainment centered. I also work to spread awareness for cult abuse and help and encourage people through the recovery process.

How did you start this blog?

This particular blog has gone through a lot of changes but I found that I rather liked journaling about observations and experiences within the Christian community, and felt as though this wasn’t a topic that a lot of people dared delve into.

What are you hoping to achieve through this blog?

My main goal in life is to always have a positive impact wherever I go, and to be an encouragement. For this blog though, in addition to that, my goal is to create awareness for those dealing with religious trauma and perhaps offer a different perspective through the eyes of someone who has been healing through that.

How can I get in contact with you?

My social media outlets are probably the best way to keep in contact with me, but I am also open to email. Feel free to send me a dm for this.