Wow it’s been almost a year since I’ve logged back into this blog. For those that still check back here, I apologize for the gigantic hiatus. I’m usually running two Tumblr blogs now so sometimes I forget I still own this site.

Anyway, after thinking about this topic this week, I thought it’d be a good idea to post it here. Not a lot of Christians talk about this particular topic, but I think it’s an important one we need to watch for. It’s also important that we keep an eye on what we say, and Godspeak is no exception. I mean, let’s face it, nonbelievers don’t usually understand what the true meaning of what “Christianity” is. The world implants a tainted version of it in their heads and tells them to stay away from it because Christians are judgemental. They see it as a nontolerable cult with do’s and don’t in life and oftentimes I have found that some people believe that it is a hate religion rather than what it actually is, peace through Jesus.

One thing I see probably the most is nonbelievers getting turned off when Christians use “Godpseak.” What is Godspeak exactly? To sum it all up, it is the use of flowery language to portray Christian meaning. You want to know a secret though.

Half the time I have NO idea what these people are trying to convey.

And let’s just come right and say it, Christians like to use Godspeak. It’s like a special language they can use as a way to show their holiness. They’ll put it on statuses on Facebook, in quotes, on pictures. The choices are endless! It’s even used on Instagram. Literally what most people do is go to a sunny spot in a room, open their Bible, place some flowers or food around their Bible, and wow! You look so much holier and wiser than all of your friends.

I’m not saying posting verses or quotes is a bad thing. Sometimes it helps reach out to those struggling, but a constant use of Godpseak, whether responding to someone online or talking to someone to their face, it can get REALLY annoying. Literally, you don’t have to sound like the wisest person here. You can still be super normal and be yourself and you can get your point across just fine.

Another problem I see with Godspeak is the utter meaninglessness of it. You can appear all godly and holy to someone online, but then turn around and be a literal jerk to friends and family. That doesn’t mean they’ll stop trying to be all godly though. One thing I constantly see among people is the pulling out of verses from the Bible and THROWING them into people’s faces, taking them entirely out of context. I think Matthew 18 is probably the most popular verse taken out of context. But anyway, it really bothers me when someone doesn’t even try to apply what they said to someone else with themselves. The witness to others is completely gone if you can’t hold a constant testimony in your actions. You basically just wasted your breath in the attempt to appear holier-than-thou.

Going back to what I said earlier, Godspeak also tends to turn people off. It comes across as,”What happened to them to make them say that?” It produces a negative perspective of that person and their belief in their brain and thus turns them away. I really just want to tell these people,”Nooo, it’s not that we don’t know how to communicate the Gospel to you, it’s just sometimes people’s focus is taken away.”

I’ve got to admit, I’ve seen WAY too many people take up the Godspeak language. And I’ve seen people turn their back on Jesus because of it. I have argued with many others who have turned to Godspeak to uphold their “holier-than-thou” ranking, but when it comes right down to it, are they applying what they keep saying to themselves?

Godspeak seems to just be a very negative trait many Christians have picked up. What’s wrong with just talking normally? Why not be the person God made us to be and use our character for Him? Why must we become so flowery? My whole goal in life is to make others happy and feel important, and in that, shine the love of God to them. I don’t want to be preachy in what I say, because it doesn’t get anything across. In the end, those who use Godspeak are just trying to make themselves look good.

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