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Happy Friday, everyone!

Today’s post is over the Disney anime movie, Howl’s Moving Castle, the epic and compelling story of a girl and a strange curse cast upon her. This movie has to be one of my favorites of all time.

Sophie Hatter is a hat-maker who thinks of herself as rather plain and boring, and very unappealing to those around her, at least, that’s what was thought, until the nasty Witch of the Waste curses her and makes her into an old lady. Frantic and at a loss of what to do, Sophie runs away from home and begins her journey to who-knows-where. She is suddenly face to face with the giant moving castle belonging to Howl, a wizard who people claim to eat pretty girls’ hearts. However, following the lead of a scare crow she saved, she makes her way inside and is repulsed with the inside of the moving castle, which is filthy. Throughout the adventure, Sophie meets a talking fire named Calcifer, Howl’s apprentice, Markl, and Howl himself, who is……rather of a drama queen and a bit eccentric in his own way, but Sophie must find a way for them to help her return back to her normal appearance.

Studio Ghibli, a part of Disney created by Miyazaki, has a very unique style in their movies, and it reaches a point between fantasy and science fiction with a touch of Alice In Wonderland type themes. After watching Howl’s Moving Castle, I started watching Kiki’s Delivery Service and Spirited Away, as well as reading Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Each of these works are very appealing and wonderful to watch and read, but I am somehow drawn to the story of Howl’s Moving Castle the most. The music in this movie is very beautiful, the scenery is outstanding (the best I have seen in any anime yet.) and the characters are very pleasant and well-drawn.

I’d have to say out of the characters, I really like the concepts of Calcifer and Howl the most. Calcifer is snarky and sarcastic and is wonderfully characterized with Billy Crystal’s voice acting, and Howl, voiced by Christian Bale, is a soft-spoken yet easily liked character.

This movie is very clean and there is no innuendo, so that makes this movie also very pleasant to watch with any age.

There is also a book created by Diana Wynne Jones, and it is actually a book the movie was inspired off of. Though not all of the plotline matches up with eachother, the characters are still very close to what is in the movie. I have no idea why it is not referred to as a classic like Pride and Prejudice or North and South is today but it is indeed a classic and worthy of reading and watching!


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