True and faithful leadership seems like it’s such a rare thing today. Leaders today may seem greedy, cruel, and arrogant, and that tends to make us think of the word ‘leader’ as someone who leads followers. So what is true leadership then?

For starters, a true leader is not someone who is only looking for a way to benefit themself, but rather he looks for ways for those he is leading to get something. A leader puts himself before others, and his needs are cast aside so he can help others that need help more. Greediness in someone who is the leader is not a leader at all; it is only someone looking for a way to manipulate others to give him what he wants.

In a world of leaders, we must decide what we believe versus what they believe, but we must always respect our leaders. Someone who is leading may say something we do agree with, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and we must respect that. Besides, leaders are people too.


What is a true leader’s objective? We know what we don’t want a leader’s objective to be, so what do they strive for? Leadership is not about being put ‘higher’ than those around us. A leader puts others’ needs before his own, as was stated before, but he also looks for ways to make a person successful. He wants the person he is leading to be their very best.

A leader will learn from his mistakes. Life is all about learning all we can to better ourselves so that we can be the best we can out in the world. Here is a famous quote I find very true:

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to eachother.” – John F. Kennedy


Leadership  is not cowardice either. It is important to listen to other people’s opinions, but in the end, a leader must make a decision based upon his beliefs and morals, and even if that means he stands alone in what believes, he will still stand up for what he knows, believes in, and hopes for. And this makes a leader truly respected.


So to sum up all that was said, here are some points:

What a leader is not:




-Unwilling to listen to his followers


What a leader is:


-Loyal to his people

-Builds others up

-Listens to advice and his people’s opinions


Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!


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