Magic: Considered Pure or Evil?


One of the most debatable topics for books and movies today is the use (or abuse) of magic in our society. Really, it’s become just a normal thing for us to see, but parents are raising the question everywhere,”Is it okay if I let my child watch a show with magic in it?”

No, I’m not talking about magical princesses and unicorns. That’s a different sort of magic (which I’ll explain here in a minute.) and frankly, I see nothing wrong with that, but what’s with wizardry and witches today? Shows like Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and Harry Potter as well as other numerous books and movies exhibit the use of magic, but is society just trying to make us conform to magic as some type of religious works? Are we being sucked into a world where magic is used for evil?

Well, that depends on how it’s used, I think. Wizardry in the olden days was almost considered a religion, and people built cults around this type of stuff. Violence was typical of them, and frankly, pretty much everything about it was just plain evil, from the devil himself, I’m afraid. Are we any different from that today? To some degree, we are not.

Consider the great writers C.S. Lewis and Tolkien, the creators of Narnia and Middle Earth. Both were devout Christians, and both were writers. If you have ever read their books, you already know magic is used in them. Gandalf is a wizard, and in Narnia, all the animals have an ability to talk. This is not evil. This is a different sort of magic. Not like the crap that happened long ago. This is used for innocent purposes to display a truth or fact to the reader, and is therefore, in no way, as harmful as some would like to think.


However, there are multiple levels where I struggle with  series like Harry Potter, though. For many years, I have gone back and forth, trying to decide whether or not this would be considered an evil use of magic. I have never read the books, but I have done extensive research on them. I wasn’t looking for the bias,”It’s so good. Why would anyone hesitate to read it?” types. Sorry, I do not like that attitude. I am searching for other people who look at this from a Christian standpoint. I want their opinions based on what the Bible alone says.

So what’s my answer to whether magic is good or bad? It depends on the type of book and the author. Magic today is still used in an evil form, and it’s also used for good, so my answer would be both a yes and a no. I write about some magic in my books, but there is a clear understanding that I have that too much goes too far. Be careful what you watch or read, because it can corrupt even the most innocent of minds.


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