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Today I am going to be doing something a little different and fun (at least for me.) and I’m going to introduce a little bit more about my blog! So, for anyone out there curious about it, here you go! May your curiosity be quenched.
The idea here came up after reading one of my friend’s blogs. Melody is a wonderful friend of mine and is skilled in her knowledge and experience in writing (who knows how many times we have discussed possible story plot lines and countless other writing tips.) so make sure you check her out here: You won’t regret it!
Okay, here it goes!

1. Why did you start blogging?

Well, oftentimes I found myself in the mood to share reviews and opinions as well as facts about many different topics, and when I found out a few friends were doing a blog and having a great time doing it, I said to myself,”Why not try it out for yourself?” It is a great hobby to do, too, if you are bored.

2.What is the story behind my blog’s name?

I discussed this a little bit in the ‘About My Blog’ page here, but I’ll go into a bit more detail. The name originated from what I do and what I am called. The ‘deducing’ part is just a typical day-to-day thing I find myself doing, and I liked how it sounded, so I thought it would be a wonderful adjective in my name. The ‘dove’ part is a bit of a joke my parents like to tease me about. I am able to do mourning dove calls, and my family found it rather fascinating, so they dubbed me ‘mourning dove.’

3. How many designs have you been through since you started blogging?

Currently, only this one, but I may change in the future. This was just a simple, out-lined way for me to work my blog. At the start of my blog, I was getting numerous compliments, and I just kept with the design.

4. Have you ever switched blog platforms? What made you move? If you haven’t ever changed, why?

Hm, well, that’s a bit of a tough one there. My blog does not stick to a certain topic, as I like to have a good amount of topics to write on, however, I did originally want to write on just movie reviews, but I realized how disastrous that would be. I wanted to write on my blog frequently, not just when I had finished watching a movie, so I decided to write on a few of my other hobbies: Poetry and writing as well as anime and TV.

5.How long does it take for you to write a post? What is your postly process like?

Mighty interesting question there, if I may say so! Writing a post takes a while for me, as I like to use vivid words and clear explanations in my writings, so it usually takes me about forty-five minutes. The postly process usually consists of finding a few interesting pictures or videos to put on the post to interest the reader and the rest is just reviews, facts, quotes, and all that other stuff I write.

6.Have you ever been super nervous about a post? Why?! What was it?

Well, now! Honestly, I haven’t been super freaked out about a post, but I think the one I was most anxious about was my first one, The Hobbit Movies. It was super weird to be writing something the whole world might see, so I wanted to precise in everything I wrote. Plus a joke or two would make it seem funny. And I like funny.

7. Do you have a blogging schedule?

I do! Every weekend, Friday and Saturday or Friday and Sunday, I write a post.

8. Do you tell people in-real-life about your blog? Their reaction?

Well, I suppose I have told a few people about it. Their reactions are usually awe and maybe a,”That’s so cool!” remark.

9. Top ten blogs you read/comment on?

Oh my gosh! You expect me to pick that many? There are only a few I can name.

-Melody’s Musings

-The Peculiar Messenger

Told ya.

10. If you could change/improve your blog, what would it be?

To change or improve, I would probably set up the posts a little more organized and maybe pick a specific topic I could write about frequently.

Wow! So I actually did that! Haha! That’s awesome. Phew!

So what’s your blog about? What are you most interested in? Tell me about your blog and what gets you inspired to write!

And there you have it! A complete, filled out Q&A about my blog! Still can’t believe I did that.


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