The ‘Positives’ and ‘Negatives’- It Has To Add Up (Part 1)


Many times I have found myself writing about negative types of characters. Negative characters can be seen in many books and movies today, and, to some degree, they play a good role for the storyline, however, negative characters do harm situations in some way, whether by ideas, personality, or actions.

When I refer to a ‘negative’ character, I mean that they are not necessarily villains, but they have a pessimistic view on life and humanity in general. They see no good in people, and they think that they all are out for only themselves (ironic, eh?). Their views actually are intended to harm others because they just don’t care about feelings. This could be seen as almost villainous.


Negative, dark characters could almost be seen as villainous

Why do I write negative characters in my stories then? I think negative characters are important to the plot, but not just that. I feel like this is the best way to portray a lesson to the reader; through a mentally or physically damaged person. It is better to work from negative to positive than positive to negative, in my opinion (I can’t say the same for math, though.), so this is why I find them easier to mold.

One thing I have noticed in some aspects of life is the focus on self. People tend to care only for their own needs, wants, desires, basically anything they can get their hands on that they want. If you don’t rank, appeal to them, or come across a certain way, say good bye to ever getting to personally know them. This is the definition of a ‘negative’ character to me.

Not everyone is like that, though. Just like in stories, people also have a good side to them, and I have also witnessed this. There are those who wish to build up others, to lead people to the right perspective, and those who want to uplift someone.

So, negative characters are just as important as the positive ones, but keep in mind their views may not always be the right ones.


Just like in stories, people also have a good side to them.

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