Psych You Out In the End


One of the few shows I have finished includes a running eight-year project with a storyline about a analytical yet slightly immature young man and his best friend. It was and is one of the most popular detective television shows and includes wit, humor, and a good plot. What am I talking about? None other than Psych.

Yep, this show is all about a young man’s spiral into the detective world. When Shawn Spencer is convicted of murdering someone, must find a way to figure out who the true murderer is before it’s too late, and he brings one of his childhood friend along to help him, Burton Guster (AKA Gus.) Throughout the show, Shawn and Gus make friends and create for themselves a job, using Shawn’s ability of observation.

f96ed2950a381fe818ede99727928d6dI finished this show just about two weeks ago, and I was sad to finish it. For the past three or four years, I had sat down with my family and watched this show together with them. Frankly, it’s a well-done show with interesting plotlines, creative characters, and a great place for shooting- California!

There are a few downsides to this show to watch out for, however. There is frequent use of swear words, and a few parts that need skipped. There are also some creepy and just rather odd episodes, so I’d say the age rating for this show would be around 13 and up.

For this show, I give it a thumbs up. Creative plotlines and well-made characters are created, giving the show a humorous twist. It’s most definitely on my list of favorite TV shows.


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