Tangled Vs. Frozen- Disney’s Controversy


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After watching the movie Tangled last night, I contemplated the Tangled vs. Frozen argument that has been happening for many years. Here’s what my opinions and beliefs are on the issue.

Tangled, released to the public in 2010, is about a young girl with magical hair named Rapunzel. Based on the classic fairytale, the story follows the tale of Rapunzel and her struggle to get away from her tower and her ‘mother’, Mother Gothel. The Disney movie, however, adds a twist by adding a young man by the name of Flynn Rider. He’s not the typical kind of dude though; he’s a thief, so when Flynn and Rapunzel meet and create a deal (Flynn has to help Rapunzel out of her tower and where she can see firsthand her dream, the floating lanterns that only appear on her birthday, and, in return, Flynn gets the crown he stole, which Rapunzel is possessing at the time.) and they venture out into the unknown, all the while trying to keep away from Gothel and Flynn’s evil cronies and dicovering something totally unexpected.

In Frozen, brought out in 2013, the story follows two girl, both of which are descendants of royalty, and there’s one thing important here; Elsa is an ice queen and is trying to hide it. Anna, the perky, go-getting sister, wants to help Elsa sort through her feelings about Elsa’s powers, but she just will not let her and runs off to the mountainside, hoping to hide herself from humanity so that she does not become a threat to her kingdom. Anna must find her way to the mountains to confront her sister, but another hidden, evil force is lurking in the distance, and paths must split before the evil is revealed.

Both movies have wonderful animation and scenes, and both have some well-done characters built into it. However, there is a few things I would like to point out about both movies that I think is important to consider.

  • In Tangled, the story’s lesson to me is that we must choose sides carefully. Mother Gothel, the main protagonist in the story, seems to be the confident, encouraging, if not slightly bossy mother that Rapunzel could trust but in reality, she is a manipulative, conniving woman with ambitions only for herself, and this is because of the path she chose. However, in Frozen, it seems like the main lesson is that women do not need a man in their life in order to be saved. While this is true in some cases, I look at the deeper meaning. Society has made it so that woman are suppose to be stronger and in more control than men, and that men are animals. Society has also claimed that women are the better of the two genders, and since we supposedly have no rights, woman need to stand up for themselves and take control. Frozen, to me, seems to push that type of behavior on viewers.
  • Frozen has some beautiful music, I’ll have to say. The authenticity of the movie is really quite amazing to me. I bought the soundtrack a few years ago, and it has some great instrumentals on there. Tangled has some nice music as well, and though there is not as much instrumental music on the soundtrack as Frozen, there is quite a bit of talent in the songs. I like the Tangled instrumentals a little better than Frozen‘s, but there is a bit more to listen to on the Frozen OST than on the Tangled OST.
  • Tangled has some pretty awesome scenes in the movie. Frozen does a good job, but the vivacity and color in Tangled really added to the storyline. In one scene, the part where Rapunzel feels grass for the first time, the colors of the are around her is so lit up with color, it’s not possible to gape in awe at it. The colors of the kingdom, the sun symbol, everything is just so brilliantly drawn and colored!
  • What was up with the ‘Let It Go’ song a few years ago! Sure, it was fun for the children to sing to, but there seemed to be a ton more screaming towards the end of the song. In my opinion, ‘I See the Light’ is much more inspiring than ‘Let It Go’.

All in all, Tangled is better than Frozen, in my opinion. Everyone has different tastes, and that’s great, but I think Tangled is more appropriate for viewers than Frozen. There really was no reason to add feminism in Frozen, and while I do like some characters from Frozen well, I have to agree with the Tangled fans that that movie was not as good as the classic tale of Rapunzel!

And that’s my opinion of the controversy between the two Disney movies! Thanks for reading! If there is a topic you would like to see me write about, write below in the comments section and I’ll see what I can do!

Have a wonderful week!


2 thoughts on “Tangled Vs. Frozen- Disney’s Controversy

  1. Hey!
    Personally, almost my entire family all agree that Tangled was SO much better than Frozen. I see all these people loving Frozen and stuff and yeah that’s whatever, everyone can love what they want… But Tangled was amazing and you’re right;
    Frozen, and people argue against this, was really stressing that feminist stuff, ya know? I mean, you have these amazing movies, not just Tangled; Beauty And The Beast, is my favorite example. Tangled and Beauty And The Beast both showed that yes, girls can take them of themselves, they are strong; but it didn’t STRESS that ya know? Like they also had that caring, loving side that all women have that is God’s will. Ya know? Like yes, Belle and Rapunzel both were just great characters! Not focusing on taking care of themselves or anything.
    And another thing I loved about those movies was that the guys meant everything, too… And there was romance. Real love. I mean, you have Frozen, and don’t get me wrong, I love sibling relationships and stuff! Love! But it just felt that yeah; they were just saying ‘romance is dead. Men are dumb. Girls forever.’ Like you said!
    But with Tangled and Beauty, it was just real, not forced, real. No one was over powering the other. Frozen was trying to be one thing, while really being the other. The story for Frozen was pretty cool, but I mean, it sucked to add feminism into it.
    Goodness I’m ranting! XD Apologies. My main thing is yes, you’re right; Frozen had cool parts, but after the 1000th time of ‘Let It Go’, when YES ‘I See The Light’ was SO much better… Frozen lost the magic to me.
    God bless!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Angela! I totally agree with what you are saying. Feminism seems to be leaking into what seems to be innocent movies for people today, which is sad. Family bonding and being faithful to one another is so very important, and that part of Frozen I liked, but the subtle hints dropped sort of ruin it for me.
    Frozen wants to teach that girls can be strong on their own and Tangled teaches that there is strength in those we least expect. To me, the lesson in Tangled is more realistic. I liked some of the characters in both Frozen and Tangled, but the morals taught in Tangled appeal to me more. People are indeed entitled to their opinion, and I respect that, but they don’t need to be pushing their political ideas into children’s shows. Maybe they should take their own advice and just “let it go.” ^.^


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