The Infinity Dreams Award


I was nominated by! Thanks a billion, Angela!



1. Thank and follow the blog that nominated you.
2. Tell us 11 facts about yourself.
3. Answer the questions that were set for you to answer.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them.


Okay, so let’s see how many of these questions I can answer!


Fact#1: I’m actually a pretty big geek and have multiple fandoms!

Fact#2: I love all things medieval, Scottish, and Victorian.

Fact#3: I speak a little bit of Japanese.

Fact#4: I do the drums.

Fact#5: I love hats! Stetsons are cool!

Fact#6: I love all animals, but I especially like birds (specifically mourning doves, owls, and ravens), wolves, and cats!

Fact#7: I absolutely love the bands Paramore and Fall Out Boy! Their music is so awesome and have a ton of truth in them.

Fact#8: My favorite authors are Erin Hunter, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Donita K. Paul, Tolkien, Robert Jordan, and probably others that I can’t think of right now.

Fact#9: I have eaten squid, crawfish, and frogs. (Random fact for ya’ll.)

Fact#10: I love pie.

Fact#11: Get me in a bookstore or library and you will never see me again.

And now it’s time for Angela’s questions!


1. What movie/show/etc has had your mind lately?

Doctor Who, without a doubt. I just finished 11 and now I’m sitting back and wondering why I sped through him so quickly. I love Doctor Who and all the lessons it teaches us.


2. Do you watch anime? If so, your top 3 favorites?

I do watch anime! My top three would most likely be Death Note, Vampire Knight, and Howl’s Moving Castle.


3.Choose one album to be your life’s theme soundtrack. Which one is it?

Riot by Paramore. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to a song on that album and have been like,”Hey! I can relate to this song!”


4. Cats or dogs?

Both. Both is good. I love cats, but I also love the playfulness of dogs.


5. Thoughts on small talk/chat?

Small talk sometimes bores me to death, but I do like hearing how people’s lives are going. Chatting is good, too! It helps you get to know someone.


6. Its a sunny, perfect weather day- not too hot nor too cold, just right! What do you do?

I would go outside and read, do photography, or play around on my device.


7. Fictional/real character/person that means a lot to you. (Come. *gestures* Go. Explain.)

A fictional person that means a lot to me…The Doctor, John Watson, and Bilbo Baggins, and a real person(s) would be my family and friends. Without their support, I don’t know where I would be today, and I love them all deeply.


8. You had a bad day, so what’s the first book in the Bible you turn to?

I think Matthew or John would be what I would turn to. Jesus has quite a bit of wisdom to teach us in every situation, so I would go there.


9. Do you fast forward theme songs or listen to them each time?

I tend to fast forward them, although, if I love it enough, I’ll just sit back and listen each time.


10. Why did you first make your blog? What has it turned into? Do you enjoy it?

I made my blog as just a place I can write down all my thoughts and feelings on certain topics. I think my blog has turned into a place where people can go if they are looking for some writing inspiration or for some help on if a show is good or not. I enjoy my blog immensely!


11.Recent favorite quote? From real or fictional person.

I have a ton of recent favorite quotes, but one that really struck me was by Thomas Merton. “Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire if they are worthy.”


Blogs? 11 blogs? Wha?! *starts panicking* I don’t know that many people! Uhm…..*looks around*


For now, I nominate:

Melody’s Musings


Time for my trivia!

1. What or who inspires you in your hobbies?

2. What genres do you find yourself watching?

3. What fandoms are you in?

4. Your favorite authors?

5. If you had to choose your life quote, what would it be?

6. Favorite song(s)?

7.What character from a show or movie do you think you are similar to?

8. What interested you in making a blog?

9.If you had to choose between the city or the country, what would you pick?

10.Favorite season?

11.Cake or pie?


Well, I hope this post wasn’t boring! Thanks again to Angela at for nominating me!

This is AC C signing off!




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