The Musical Writer’s Remedy


Lately, I have found myself delving back into the world of writing, and I have started a type of book I have never even considered before; post-apocalyptic. No, it’s not just about half-dead zombie people who are chasing people over creation just because they feel like it. It’s not one of those typical books you may find in the young adult section in a bookstore or some sort of survival, game-like storyline. I wanted to work around that without making it cliche, because normally I don’t like the typical young adult vampire books or the-end-of-the-world type of things.

A writing process involves many steps, such as finding a world to build the story off of, working with the characters’ personalities, and creating drama, but there are also steps that can help improve your skills. It may come from television or books, but most of my ideas sprout from music. It’s one of those things that can make you feel happy or sad, thrilled or relaxed, and that’s awesome for a writing process. There have been many times where I have searched for specific types of music as I worked on my novels, and through that, I have found many inspiring artists such as Two Steps From Hell. (I honestly don’t like the name, though.)

cfa9945070e1fbed77e4f9d74d6460e1It was proved many, many centuries ago that music affects brain waves and makes us feel a certain way, which is why it’s important to listen to music that does not prove to be unhealthy. When writing with music, it’s best to pick a certain type of music that will fit your world. Historical novels may usually involve classical music, steampunk and post-apocalyptic may involve futuristic and eerie music. Consider Sherlock‘s background music during the show. Even though they use more modern devices and technology than in the books, the music still gives the show a bit of a 1890’s feels.

Even though some people may say music throws them off when they write, it does help others. I can understand why music could make the story a bit confusing for the reader, especially if they are playing the wrong type of music. This has happened to me many times before, even when I began writing. When a certain dramatic song came on the radio, I was tempted to write a dramatic scene in to the storyline, even if it did not fit. The chapter seemed rushed and confusing, and that was when I learned that maybe a should take my time. (Haha!)

Not sure what kind of music you are looking for, though? Research on similar topics might help as well. A better understanding on what genre your book is or will becomeĀ  helps immensely, and not just for music material. Knowledge of what kind of book you wrote will help editors, bookstores, the internet stores, and people.

Well, there you have it, one of most important topics for me in writing help. Music has helped spur new ideas when I am in a rut, as well as reading books and watching movies.

Have a lovely weekend!


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