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Recently, I did a blog post on a few quotes, songs, and poems that inspired me in my writing. I find that reading these kind of things really motivates me and it spurs new ideas for my books and poetry as well as providing truth and facts about life today. Poetry is one of my passions, so whenever I discover something new that I enjoy, I tend to research more about it.

For this week, I found many poems that inspired me greatly. I pin quite a few poems and such to my Quotes and Lyrics board on Pinterest, so I will have to choose just a few that I really enjoyed. That may be a tough one.


I have never heard of this word until the other day when I saw it on Pinterest. I think it has so much positive meaning. It’s a belief that humans can get better, they can improve everything around them including themselves. I think it’s beautiful that a word like this, even if is just a word, can mean so much in just a few simple English letters.


This sentence right here says it all. Noone knows the weight they have been carrying until it is taken off, and then their eyes are opened and they see things in a whole new light. I find this quote extremely powerful because I can relate to it somewhat. I have never thought of that in words until I read this quote from The Scarlet Letter.


This is a quote from the poem ‘Mad Girl’s Love Song’ by Sylvia Plath. The poem talks about how the world disappeared in the blink of an eye, and how the writer forgot the name of the person who was suppose to come back for them.  The emotions and feelings put on display are dramatic and yet at the same time romantic.


This is another Sylvia Plath poem I found. I was looking up different Plath poetry on Pinterest when I ran into this, and it just struck me. It almost deserves its own story.


I really like the subtle meaning in this quote. People always draw different parts of us out, which is why we must be careful of the company we keep. Different kinds of people remake us into new people continually.


I really love the detailing in this. The idea of using slightly personification is really amazing in the idea of making the girl’s heart the storm. I really enjoy storms, anyway.

And that is this week’s inspiration. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!

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