Tumblr Just Got Pinteresting


I have been on Pinterest for about a year and a half now, and all I see on there are links to Tumblr. Have a relatable pin? It’s probably from Tumblr. What about that quote you found the other day? It might be from Tumblr. Or how about that seemingly obscure photo shoot of your favorite celebrity? Chances are, it came from Tumblr. Why is Tumblr that popular on Pinterest, and how is it similar?

Well, today I’m here to answer those questions. I have been on Tumblr for about four weeks, but from what I’ve seen, it’s understandable why this site is so popular. There’s an endless amount of posts and other things from there. Stretching from the hipster side all the way to the fandoms, Tumblr is an endless amount of posts. The one thing that got me, though, was this question: So why is this different from Pinterest?

Well, for one thing, Tumblr is set up like a blog with the option to ‘reblog’ other people’s media and texts, not like that long essay type things you see on other blogging sites. Tumblr also gives you the option to create your own page, complete with themes, icons, and texts specifically for you and to you. Have a fandom blog? Websites even outside Tumblr give you themes and HTML codes (as long as you understand how to use them), and you can even add music to your page!

For Pinterest, you have the option to ‘curate’ your own page. While you can’t design your own theme for it, you can create boards and pin or repin media to your page, sort of like bookmarking links. You also have the option to tell about yourself and link your own site or page to Pinterest.

Okay, I’ll cut to the chase. You’re probably saying,”Tumblr seems to have more options then. So why are you even comparing?”

Good question.

Sort of…

Not really.


Actually, I believe Pinterest has a few more options than Tumblr. So you can’t create your own page or add music to it or even make your cursor into some cute icon. Tumblr does not have the option to report or hide media or text as Pinterest does, and you can not follow individual things. Pinterest lets you have boards which you design for yourself, perfected with your own topic and profile picture, while Tumblr……there are no no such thing as boards people can follow and, well, you use hashtags instead of boards, which may often combine with other people’s things.

Not that I’m dissing Tumblr. Actually, I do not mind it much besides free use of speech (way too free at times.) and people trying to force their liberal beliefs on others (seriously, lay off, man!) and I love the option of coding your page to make it unique and fun. Pinterest seems to be a little bit more restricted though, and, even though there are not options quite like Tumblr has, it still allows creativity.

So which would I prefer?


I dunno, take a wild guess, I suppose.


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Thanks for reading and have a fantastic Friday!

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