Vampire Knight


There are a ton of shows about vampires anymore.

I mean, like seriously, you turn around, and wow! there’s a vampire show. Vampires are all over the TV, vampires are in movies, vampires are taking over the whole world, the whole universe!

Okay, it’s not that dramatic, but there are too many vampire shows out there to count. That was partially why I thought the anime show Vampire Knight was some seemingly dark, depressing, and cliche show, the typical type. But one day, I was sick in bed, and it seemed like it might be good entertainment, so I thought,”Meh, why not?”

Turns out, it wasn’t as dark as it seemed. The story is about a private school with a secret; some of the students are vampires trying to make peace with the humans, but should anyone find out, they could get in trouble. Yuki Cross is a part of keeping this is a secret, alongside her partner and friend, Zero Kiryuu, a quiet and somewhat cross character who is also a vampire, though he does not want to tell anyone at all.

The story had quite a few twists that I won’t get into, but the show is actually pretty good. I collect some of the manga books from the author even. And it’s actually a clean show! There are hardly any swear words, and though there is a touch of innuendo, it is not all that bad, which gains them a big thumbs up from me. However, some scenes may be too dark for a young child, and there is the typical vampire behavior in it.

afce789748387a01d42e7559821aa6bcMy favorite characters are somewhat odd for a normal show. Zero Kiryuu is one of my favorites as well as Aidou Hanabusa, a mischievous side character. Each character plays a different role in the show, from being the Pureblood vampire down to the puniest Level E. As usual with me, I enjoyย  characters like Aidou because he seemed happy educated in the fields of science (in other cases…not so much.) and Zero has side to him that not many of the characters got to see- a scared, torn apart boy. Complex characters like that are interesting, I think.

Although it’s not quite one of the more famous animes, it is still well-known and enjoyed by many, and it’s understood why. The anime is adventurous, romantic, and since this is a pretty clean anime with a cool plotline, I give this a thumbs up all the way!

That’s all for my first anime review! Toodle-oo!


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