Why I Say, “Merry Christmas!”


Only a few more days before Christmas! The lights have been strung around houses, Christmas parties are being hosted, stores are jammed with people shopping for gifts, and songs are being listened to and sung! Christmas is one of those times of year when you sometimes feel like you’re really a part of something special-something brilliantly wonderful!

And another thing constantly getting played over and over again are Christmas commercials. They are everywhere! Modern-day Christmas songs are being played in the background of car commercials, Santa is displayed reading over lists, and deals are going on! They always say the same thing, too; “happy holidays.”

Back when I remember the term ‘happy holidays”, it really referred to both Christmas and New Year, which I was good with! There’s nothing wrong with that, but these days, that’s not the main reason why it’s being said anymore. “Happy holidays” is now a term of saying “Merry Christmas” without actually saying it and offending someone, because mentioning the name of Christ to other religions is offensive and wrong.

tumblr_nya0xlEsM41uxlydeo1_1280This makes me go, “(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻.” Okay, seriously? You’re going to tell me that saying the word Christmas is offensive, and yet other things are okay?

Why is saying the word ‘Christmas’ offensive to people? Because of the name ‘Christ’ in it. Nonbelievers of Jesus are offended over the fact that this name is being used. In order to not get bashed for using this title, companies have avoided using it and are now saying ‘xmas’ and ‘happy holidays’ in order to please the public.

Christmas is an important word to me, though! The word has so much meaning, and it means so much to me. It’s not just a title or a word to me; it tells a story, and an important one at that, because long ago, a special child was born on a glorious night!

A young woman by the name of Mary was visited by an angel one day, and she was told she would bear a son, and they would name Him Jesus. Although Mary was a virgin, God had blessed her with this little baby, and a few months later, it was time for that special night to begin.

tumblr_nxey2qiUrk1soh8kao5_540Jesus was indeed born, and a brilliantly-shining star, placed by God, shone above the stable in which Jesus was born, announcing the arrival of Him to the world. Many people, such as wise men and shepherds, saw the star and followed it to the stable, where they saw with their own eyes the Messiah. The offered Him gifts and praised the Lord for this long-awaited Messiah. Throughout Jesus’ life, he would heal the sick and broken, teach to those He was around, and later in His life, die on the cross for the sins of the world. Whatever Jesus did, it was out of love for His creation.

People do not want to hear about this miracle, though. Instead, the become offended over it, and they want Jesus obscured from their view. They cover it up with worldly objects and stories and soon forget about the true meaning of Christmas.

Why do I say ‘Merry Christmas’ then? Because I want Christ to shine through everything said and done, and I want nothing obscured having to do with Him.  I want people to be able to hear about Christ so that they can come to know Him as their Savior and be with Him forever, where there will be no pain and no suffering.

So as we delve into another year of Christmas, remember that Christmas isn’t about gifts-it’s about the Gift, Jesus!

Have a very merry Christmas!!!!


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